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Blue Link combines safety, use and infotainment into a finish package that works to both assistance facilitate Hyundai owners lives and revoke dreaming driving, pronounced Barry Ratzlaff, executive of patron compensation and use business development, Hyundai Motor America. Weve delicately complicated how drivers rest on intelligent phones and navigation systems as an innovative couple to a outward world. Blue Link brings that seamless connectivity directly into a automobile with record like voice content messaging, POI web hunt download, turn-by-turn navigation, and monthly automobile reporting. Our agent-assisted modernized voice approval complement offers a 21st century resolution to behaving POI searches in a vehicle. This singular and innovative proceed enables Hyundai to broach fast, accurate searches and downloads of POIs to vehicles though a nonessential costs of normal operator-only form systems of a competitors.

As partial of a Blue Link launch, Hyundai also will yield Blue Link Assurance on Blue Link-equipped vehicles, that includes core reserve services for an rudimentary period. These pivotal reserve services include: Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and Assistance, SOS Emergency Assistance, and Enhanced Roadside Assistance. After a rudimentary period, owners of Blue Link-equipped vehicles can select to extend these and other services as desired. Blue Link package subscription fees will be announced this open on Sonata.

Blue Link Assurance serve expands Hyundais attention care before determined by Hyundai Assurance, a industrys many extensive apartment of new-vehicle protection. Hyundai Assurance already offers a 5-year/60,000-mile entirely negotiable bumper-to-bumper warranty, Hyundais 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, 5-years nominal Roadside Assistance, and Buyer Protection – a credit-protecting job-loss automobile lapse program.

In standard Hyundai fashion, Blue Link services were grown with targeted wrapping options that are tailored to graphic telematics user groups:

Blue Link Assurance package:
Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) and Assistance – In a eventuality of any collision serious adequate to rivet an airbag, a lerned dilettante automatically contacts a vehicle’s occupants, and if necessary, puncture use personnel, providing GPS-enabled plcae and automobile condition information.

SOS Emergency Assistance – In a eventuality of any form of emergency, drivers simply press a single, dedicated symbol to get a lerned response dilettante to coordinate puncture 911 assistance, and sojourn on a line until assistance arrives. Armed with GPS-enabled plcae and automobile condition information, a dilettante will not usually dispatch a suitable assistance, though can even forewarn your friends and family of a situation.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance – With a hold of a button, information per your vehicles accurate plcae and an involuntary diagnosis of a problem is automatically transmitted to a response center, that immediately dispatches a suitable group to a scene.

Monthly Vehicle Report – Starting 30 days after registration, each aspect of pushing opening diagnosis of issues, mileage attained, arriving maintenance, and a like is correlated and sent around monthly email for your review.

Blue Link Essentials package:
Remote Access:
Remote Door Lock – Imagine youve walked by a parking lot in a rain, usually to comprehend that we forgot to close a vehicle. No problem this underline allows users to automatically close (or unlock) a automobile doors from probably anywhere, around a elementary toll-free call, app on a intelligent phone, or around a Blue Link Owners website.

Remote Door Unlock – Virtually each driver, during some indicate in their lives, has sealed their keys in a car. With this feature, instead of job a locksmith for assistance — that formerly cost we both time and income — we can automatically clear a doors around a elementary toll-free call, app on a intelligent phone, or around a Blue Link Owners website.

Remote Horn and Lights – Anytime a vehicles accurate plcae cant be immediately identified for example, in a vast parking lot we simply call a toll-free series or rivet a intelligent phone app to activate a vehicles headlights and horn.

Panic Notification – Pre-select anyone youd like to be told of your accurate automobile plcae in a eventuality that a panic symbol is engaged, around your choice of email or content message.

Remote Vehicle Start -The hottest or coldest days of a year are no longer a problem when we can start your automobile remotely from probably any plcae (via mobile app, toll-free series or owners website), afterwards holder adult a a/c or heater before we arrive during your car.

Alarm Notification – Automatically accept presentation that your vehicles alarm has been set off around your choice of content message, email, phone call, or refurbish to a Owners website.

Quick Tips Not certain how to use a sold automobile feature? Simply press a Blue Link symbol on a rear-view mirror, and youll be means to now crop accessible assistance options around voice authority until we find accurately a information we need.

Location Sharing – Send your location, invitations and brief messages directly to any or each member of amicable networking sites like Facebook, and even see a accurate plcae of other Hyundai-driving friends.

Voice to Text Messaging Never take your hands off a circle again even to send or accept content messages. With a press of a button, youll be means to use your voice to foreordain them to your contacts.

Vehicle Self Diagnostics:
Automated Diagnostic Trouble Code Notification – Your automobile detects when a member malfunctions, and will automatically forewarn we around a multiple of in-vehicle arrangement alerts and guided voice messages as to a emanate and a severity. You will afterwards be given a choice to immediately report a upkeep appointment with a elite dealership around operator.

Maintenance Alert – As Hyundai-recommended use intervals arise, youll be automatically told in allege around your choice of content message, email or phone call, and accept assistance in scheduling an appointment during a internal Hyundai dealership.

Recall Advisor In a doubtful eventuality that Hyundai issues a remember for your specific vehicle, youll be told around your choice of content message, email or Blue Link Owners website, and information per creation an appointments during a internal dealerships will be provided.

Web Vehicle Diagnostics – Starting 30 days after registration, each aspect of pushing opening diagnosis of issues, mileage attained, arriving upkeep is correlated and sent around monthly email for your review.

Theft Protection:
Stolen Vehicle Recovery – In a eventuality that your automobile has been reported to law coercion as stolen, a Hyundai response core will work with a authorities to settle a accurate automobile plcae around GPS. Not usually does this underline capacitate a discerning recovery, though your word premiums are expected to diminution as a result.

Stolen Vehicle Slowdown – Once law coercion has been told of your automobile being stolen, they might select to trigger this additional process, that gradually reduces energy to a engine, negligence a automobile down and eventually bringing it to a protected stop. From there, Vehicle Immobilization can be initiated, preventing serve automobile movement.

Vehicle Immobilization – Once law coercion has been told of your automobile being stolen, they might select to trigger this process, where engine energy is automatically close off once powered down, so preventing a automobile from being restarted until authorities arrive.

Valet Alert Any time we dump your automobile with a valet, and your automobile travels some-more than stretch we preset — adult to dual miles from a drop-off indicate — youll be automatically told around your choice of content summary or email.

Geofence – Input pre-determined bounds in that a automobile might and might not be operated, and when a automobile strays out of a excusable zone, youll be automatically told around your choice of email, content message, or phone call.

Speed Alert – Ideal for relatives of teen drivers or drivers with complicated feet, this underline allows we to pre-program excusable speed limits, and be automatically told around your choice of email, content summary or phone call when boundary are exceeded contend goodbye to those dear speeding tickets.

Curfew – Input, around a Owners website, a pre-determined time interlude for excusable and unsuitable use. When a latter occurs, youll be automatically told around your choice of email, content message, or phone call.

Blue Link Guidance package:
nbspTurn-by-Turn Navigation Service – Set your end around voice (from a car) or web (from home) and youre off. Choose from variables like fastest or shortest route, slightest traffic, best mileage, equivocate highways or fee roads. The complement does a rest, giving we turn-by-turn directions during each step.

nbspPoint-Of-Interest Search by voice recognition – Use voice-activation to crop by a constantly-updated list of engaging or useful landmarks nearby wherever we occur to be. Select one and a navigation complement automatically leads we to it. Unlike rival systems that usually commend pre-programmed commands, Blue Link is lerned to commend a variables of bland speech, creation communication forever easier.

nbspPoint-Of-Interest Web Search – Transfer a information per anything of seductiveness restaurants, landmarks, museums, etc. directly from a web or a Hyundai owners website to your vehicles navigation system. It will be watchful for we anytime youre prepared to go.

nbspDaily Route Guidance with Traffic Condition -Most people have a unchanging slight a invert to work, dropping off a kids during school, or any other daily route. This underline automatically scans trade upsurge and occurrence information to automatically forewarn you, around a process and time of your preference, that lane is best during any given moment.

nbspTraffic – At any given time, trade might be delayed or stopped due to accidents, construction, or congestion. Enter a pre-determined area around a Blue Link Owners website, and youll always have a real-time refurbish to assistance we navigate around a problem, saving we time and worsening on a daily basis.

nbspGas Station Locations and Gas Prices – Wherever we are during a given time, a closest gas stations might be located with a hold of a button. Results can be played around programmed voice, and downloaded directly to a navigation system.

nbspEco-Coach – A truly conspicuous technological breakthrough, Eco-Coach is a scoring complement that allows we to lane mileage and CO2 emissions on a Blue Link Owners website, afterwards gives we recommendation on how to urge pushing habits to urge your efforts. You can even contest opposite other Hyundai drivers to win prizes for many fit driving.

nbspRestaurant Ratings No matter where we find yourself, or what youre inspired for, youll be means to hunt internal restaurants are by type, stretch or Yelp! Rating. Once youve done a selection, simply download it directly to a navigation complement to get there fast and directly.

nbspWeather – Choose a plcae and with a hold of a button, get a continue foresee instantly. In addition, each time we use a navigation feature, a complement automatically takes a continue into account, and adjusts a lane accordingly.

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