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Cars Take Center Stage as Super Bowl Advertising Veteran Illustrates

Performance and Functionality with Humor and Fun

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan 23, 2013 – In a sixth uninterrupted year as a Super Bowl advertiser, Hyundai tackles a Big Game movement with 5 game-day ads, including 4 all-new spots. Two of a new ads are slotted for a pre-game uncover and dual are scheduled to atmosphere in-game. With crafty interpretations of genuine life moments that position a Hyundai car as a ultimate sidekick and partner-in-fun, Hyundai aims to take a tongue-in-cheek proceed to Super Bowl advertising. The spots use amusement to prominence car opening and duty in a fun and noted way. Creative was grown by Hyundai’s group of record, INNOCEAN USA.

Headlining a Super Bowl promotion shell is Hyundai’s 60-second pre-kick mark patrician “Epic PlayDate.” Inspired and done probable by a all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe, a ad takes viewers on an memorable and epic play date with a Santa Fe, as a pivotal player, make-up in fun for a whole family. The ad facilities a cameo and soundtrack of a code new lane combined exclusively for Hyundai by a mythological choice stone band.

“Team,” a 30-second in-game mark using in a initial quarter, is a pint-sized paper to a movement film genre. A singular turn on a classical ‘tables turned’ tale, we follow a immature child as he recruits his possess dream group to take on a area troublemakers. The all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe, once again takes an active purpose assisting a immature child and his mom accumulate a group to step adult to a challenge.

“Stuck,” a 30-second in-game mark using in a second quarter, takes viewers on a classical American highway trip. In a story told with observational amusement and a tiny bit of empathy, viewers are taken on a tour by a eyes of a immature integrate as they confront and get “stuck” behind some astonishing things on a road. But by it all, a Sonata Turbo allows them to evasion and fast pass a obstacles with ease.

The fourth 30-second spot, “Excited,” front during a pre-game uncover with a voiceover any loyal sports pushing fan will recognize. The blurb facilities a 429-horsepower, 8-speed Genesis R-Spec racing around a lane as a thespian play-by-play is uttered by a uncommonly ardent sportscaster, Gus Johnson.

“Cars have turn some-more than only a means of travel – they can play an active purpose in lenient us via a bland adventures, vast and small,” pronounced Steve, Shannon, clamp boss of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “This year we grown a artistic debate that demonstrates a many ways that Hyundai is ‘there for you’ as a loyal partner-in-fun. Whether it’s quickly and safely maneuvering a revengeful highway in a Sonata Turbo or pier everybody in a Santa Fe, for a ultimate play date, Hyundai is a ideal messenger via all life’s experiences.”

The fifth and final mark “Don’t Tell”, that deftly celebrates peculiarity family time with Mom and Dad, will atmosphere during a pre-game show.

The all-new Santa Fe is a many profitable actor this year, starring in 3 of a 5 Super Bowl advertisements. Santa Fe delivers Hyundai’s recipe of confidant design, high-output powertrains with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and a horde of facilities to greatfully drivers and passengers with high expectations for functionality, flexibility and comfort.

“The artistic for this year’s Super Bowl is a many innovative work we have combined for Hyundai to date,” pronounced Greg Braun, executive artistic executive during INNOCEAN USA. “Hyundai connects with consumers by invariably being culturally relevant, and these new spots are a transparent countenance of that notion. Our Super Bowl debate as a whole is meant to tell fun, relatable stories that etch a heroes – a people who expostulate a cars – and eventually send a summary that Hyundai vehicles capacitate and enthuse them to attend in a fun moments in life.”

Hyundai is also leveraging several amicable media channels to supplement an interactive component to a debate that will expostulate additional expectation and recognition for a Super Bowl spots. Using a amicable energy of Facebook, Hyundai offers viewers an interesting dual-screen knowledge that unequivocally allows them to get in a game.

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