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  • Augmented existence Head Up Display (HUD)
    • Driver information is projected in a form of animations on a windshield
  • The destiny of connectivity 3D-gesture controls
    • Wearable devices
    • Tablets to control features, guard children and yield behind chair entertainment
  • Autonomous pushing – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) 

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2015 – Connected cars, voice recognition, palm gesticulate controls, wearable inclination and smartphone apps are technologies Hyundai is exploring to urge a pushing knowledge for customers. At a 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES®), Hyundai brings a collection of new technologies, highlighting modernized infotainment facilities and motorist assistance systems. Hyundai’s vaunt (North Hall, counter #2818) during CES will be open Jan. 6-9, 2015 for demonstrations of a all-new travel technologies.

Hyundai's Intersection Movement System

Hyundai’s Augmented Reality Head-Up Display and Intersection Movement System


Basic Head-Up Displays (HUD) seemed in cars a late 1980s, when they usually offering a speedometer as a practical picture projected onto a windshield. This practical picture helped drivers to keep their eyes on a road. The unconventional HUD found inside a 2015 Genesis includes pushing information, such as Smart Cruise Control status, navigation, Blind Spot Detection, and Forward Collision and Lane Departure Warnings. All this information is projected during a viewed practical stretch approximately 6 feet forward of a motorist for extent legibility while driving.

At CES, Hyundai is showcasing a production-ready protracted existence HUD concept. This complement presents even some-more motorist information in a form of animations, that report highway conditions ahead. On a protracted existence HUD, drivers will see warnings when a automobile is about to suddenly enter their lane, arrows heading to exit ramps, highlighted travel signs, Smart Cruise Control stretch bars and one-way travel markings.

Hyundai has also related a protracted HUD to a wearable band. This rope will quiver when a Lane Departure Warning System is activated or when a automobile is about to suddenly enter a driver’s lane. It is also a heart rate guard that can forewarn 911 if a driver’s heart rate changes rapidly.

Hyundai's Future Infotainment Screens

Hyundai’s Future Infotainment Screens


Hyundai continues to try new patron applications for connected inclination inside and outward of vehicles. At CES, a 2015 Hyundai Cockpit Concept will denote a following new technologies:

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Driver application guard with rest recommendation messages
  • Blind mark and protected following stretch warnings
  • Advanced low fuel turn warnings
  • Advanced turn-by-turn navigation
  • Navigation send from inside a automobile to a mobile device for walking to a final destination
    • Calendar life record information arrangement with daily pushing activities
    • Sharing information among vehicle, cloud, tablet, smartphone and wearable devices
    • POI suggestions by ranking and motorist preferences
    • Gas stations nearby route 


Hyundai is exploring regulating tablets to control facilities and guard children in a behind seat. Below are some of a unconventional inscription features, that will be on arrangement during a CES:

  • Rear chair newcomer monitoring around a conduct section shade and a connected tablet’s camera
  • Specialized behind chair inscription mounts with connectivity
  • Tablet-based “copilot/navigator” controls, that concede a newcomer to name car infotainment and comfort facilities while a driver’s eyes sojourn on a road:
    • Audio / Video system
    • Climate control features
    • Navigation: POI hunt and end search
    • Life record information


Inside a Hyundai Cockpit Concept, Hyundai engineers will showcase state-of-the-art 3D hand-gesture recognition. The Cockpit Concept is means to commend motorist commands giveaway from a distractions compared with anticipating buttons and switches. 3D hand-gesture approval can be used to name navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions. Simple hand-gesture shortcuts can be used to play/pause music, allege to a subsequent line or lapse to a prior track. Hand-gesture approval is achieved with modernized infrared and camera sensors. This discerning gesticulate interface provides a motorist with controls, while gripping their eyes safely on a highway and represents Hyundai’s destiny prophesy for tellurian appurtenance interface.

Hyundai's Narrow Passage Assistant System

Hyundai’s Narrow Passage System


Hyundai believes in modernized motorist assistance systems for enhancing patron reserve and convenience. Six new systems will be shown during CES. These systems have a high luck of being prolongation prepared in a nearby future.

Advanced motorist assistance systems need to be functional, fit and meddle usually during suitable times. This is since any highway and motorist is different. Hyundai is operative to yield a optimal turn of support for any highway and situation.

  • Remote automobile parking
    • This complement will make all parking maneuvers automatically
  • Connectivity among vehicles, infrastructure, and inclination (referred to as V2X)
  • V2P (Vehicle to Pedestrian)
    • Collision with walking warning
  • V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure)
    • Traffic vigilance information (current vigilance proviso and countdown to change), speed suggestion, propagandize section info, weather
  • V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle)
    • Emergency braking, intersection assist, puncture car warning, highway construction warning, do not pass warning
  • Driving Aids
  • Highway pushing assist
  • Distance/speed control
  • Lane superintendence control
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Emergency stop
    • If a wearable device determines that a motorist is impaired, this complement safely guides a car to a shoulder and stops it
  • Narrow trail assist
    • Recognizes a car is roving on a really slight trail and automatically controls parallel movements
  • Variable speed extent system
    • Automatically varies car speed for stream conditions
  • Traffic jam assist
  • Virtual line generation
  • Distance/speed control underneath low speed conditions
  • Pedestrian Alert
    • If a collision with a walking is imminent, a car issues a warning sound and activates a brakes

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