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Hyundai Motor Companys mid-size sedan, a Sonata, reached accumulative sales of 5 million units worldwide as of May 2010. Sonata is a third Hyundai indication to strech a landmark figure, following a sub-compact model, Accent (Verna), and a compress car, Elantra (Avante), that pennyless a symbol in 2001 and 2008 respectively. Sales of Sonata exceeded one million units in 1994 and a four-million symbol was surpassed in 2007. In reduction than 3 years, Sonata combined another one million units to a sales to strech a 5 million accumulative sales.

The 5 million symbol is a covenant to Hyundais continual peculiarity improvement, technological enrichment and differentiated design, pronounced Steve S. Yang, boss and CEO of Hyundai Motor. Its Koreas No. 1 sedan and now aims to be a game-changer for a shred worldwide.

Of a total, 2.7 million units were sole in Korea while 2.3 million were sole in abroad markets. The U.S. was a biggest marketplace for Sonata outward Korea with 1.3 million accumulative sales. Sales of Sonata from abroad markets accounted for two-thirds of sum sales this year, demonstrating a flourishing approval of a latest chronicle abroad.

When a cars are lined adult fender to fender (overall length 4,820 mm), a length is homogeneous to one turn outing between Seoul and New York (one-way stretch 11,000 km). When a cars are piled adult (overall tallness 1,470 mm), a 5 million units are about 800 times a tallness of a Mount Everest (8,848m).

Sonata is now entering a sixth era given a launch in 1985, gaining solid approval worldwide as Hyundais heading sedan and competing conduct to conduct opposite Toyotas Camry and Hondas Accord.

Launched in 1985, a first-generation Sonata was formed on a mid-sized automobile called Stella and came with a 2-liter engine. The second-generation Sonata in 1988 was a initial Korean mid-sized to be propitious with a front circle expostulate system. The third-generation Sonata was a initial in a category to be propitious with airbags, while a fourth-generation Sonata in 1998 was mounted with a high behaving Delta engine that was grown wholly with exclusive technologies.

Hyundai launched a fifth-generation Sonata in 2004 to aim a general mid-sized vehicles market. This chronicle delivered absolute opening by a unique, innovative Theta engine. With a segment-leading reserve facilities and reward specifications, Hyundai sole over 1.5 million units worldwide.

The U.S. launch of a fifth-generation Sonata started with a opening of a initial U.S. public plant for Hyundai in May 2005. The Sonata warranted extended approval for a opening and quality, including being selected as a Best Bet by The Car Book in 2006 and 2008. In 2007, Kiplingers Personal Finance named Sonata Best-in-Class in a annual buyers beam Best of 2007 Cars awards, while Sonata also perceived Autopacifics 2009 Vehicle Satisfaction Award in a Premium Mid-size automobile segment.

The sixth and latest-generation Sonata (Code name: YF), launched in Sep 2009 in Korea and early 2010 in a U.S., adopts Hyundais new Fluidic Sculpture pattern denunciation and boasts superb opening with a absolute 2.4 Theta GDi engine. In a U.S., 21,195 units were sole in May alone, creation it into a Top 10 best-sellers in a U.S. for a second month in a row.

The all-new Sonata is also receiving auspicious reviews from heading automotive publications: It was a best indication from Car and Drivers mid-sized automobile comparison tests final April, and in May, Sonata was picked as a best mid-size sedan among 8 in The $25,000 Family Sedan Shootout co-organized by USA Today,, and MotorWeek.

Hyundai skeleton to start sales of a hybrid and turbo chronicle of a all-new Sonata in a U.S. this year and in 2011, will deliver Sonata to China, among other markets, accelerating a abroad marketplace expansion.

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