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Hyundai Sonata kick out competitors Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima for a tip mark of Best Budget Family Car by, a Web site that analyzes consultant and user-generated consumer product reviews and recommends a best products to squeeze formed on their findings. Sonata perceived certain remarks from consultant reviewers and users including:

* Reliable and well-made

* Roomy, high-quality interior

* Lots of customary features

* Good fuel economy (with bottom engine)

* Long warranty

The news sorts by several consultant and user reviews, systematic contrast by nonprofit and supervision agencies to brand a Top Four Best Reviewed cars. This year there were 4 categories: Best Family Car Overall, Best Budget Family Car, Fun to Drive Family Sedan and Large Family Car. A family automobile is tangible as a midsize or vast four-door sedan with a starting cost of around $18,000 adult to $30,000.

If income matters most, experts like a budget-priced Hyundai Sonata improved than some-more costly big-name sedans, including a Toyota Camry, pronounced editors. Critics have a tough time anticipating anything during all to dislike about a Sonata, generally deliberation a low price. Its one of a many fuel-efficient, atmospheric and arguable midsize sedans we can buy, and Hyundai backs it with a longer guaranty than a pricey competitors offer.

We are anxious to accept this approval as it unequivocally demonstrates Hyundais joining to providing consumers with high-quality, constant vehicles that cannot mangle a bank, pronounced Michael Deitz, product manager for Sonata. The Sonata offers consumers attention heading reserve features, higher fuel-efficiency and an award-winning interior finished in a category above a midsize sedan competitors.

The fuel-efficient Sonata combines polished design, proven dependability, energetic opening and an endless list of customary facilities that boost a interest to a broader operation of customers.

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