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Hyundai Motor America does not support a use of aftermarket, fabrication or recycled collision correct parts. The use of such tools or other non-original Hyundai apparatus for a correct of any collision-damaged car might negatively impact crashworthiness and passenger reserve during a collision therefore is not upheld by Hyundai. Additionally, Hyundai does not support a use or re-use of components private or recycled from an existent collision-damaged vehicle.

Hyundai vehicles and Hyundai Genuine Parts are designed and made to accommodate Hyundais accurate engineering specifications and to strengthen car occupants in collisions. Genuine Hyundai Parts, including all elements of Hyundais atmosphere bag passenger patience systems, are crash-tested to safeguard they accommodate a U.S. governments firm collision reserve and pile-up insurance standards. Genuine Hyundai Parts work in unison to safeguard passenger protection, car integrity, and correct airbag deployment.

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