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With Total YouTube Views during 11.9 Million and Climbing, Consumers Rank Hyundai’s “Team” as a Top 30-Second Automotive Commercial in a Super Bowl

COSTA MESA, Calif., Feb. 15, 2013 – Hyundai is an automotive large leader in this year’s Super Bowl as consumers ranked “Team” a fifth best commercial, and series one 30-second automotive ad, in a YouTube Ad Blitz. In addition, “Team” burst a tip 10 on USA Today’s all-important Ad Meter, and was a top-performing automotive 30-second ad overall. “Team” also ranked as a third many re-watched Super Bowl ad out of all advertisers according to TiVo.

“Ad Blitz is a jubilee of a many creative, enchanting and absolute Super Bowl ads of a year, providing viewers with a place to watch, learn and discuss about their favorite ads,” pronounced Suzie Reider, conduct of attention development, YouTube. “The winners of this year’s Ad Blitz paint a ads that resonated many with viewers, with millions of views and votes on YouTube.”

With some-more than 14.2 million sum views, Hyundai’s Super Bowl ads now have a fourth tip series of YouTube views for any automotive manufacturer. In addition, Hyundai Facebook and Twitter amicable channels are saying post-game spikes with 15,000 new Facebook fans and a hashtag #pickyourteam now used some-more than 20,000 times.

In a issue of Super Bowl weekend, Hyundai’s chart-topping commercials continue to expostulate amicable recognition for a code and seductiveness for a all-new seven-passenger Santa Fe. The new commercials were deemed a many effective drivers of web traffic, noticing a tip care increases on pivotal third celebration sites such as, and Web tracking reveals Santa Fe indication page views adult 738 percent on, Genesis perceived an 830 percent strike in web trade on and there was a 1,000 percent code seductiveness boost on

“This is a ensign year for Hyundai. Breaking into a tip 10 for both a USA Today Ad Meter and YouTube Ad Blitz is a loyal magnitude of a success and impact of a commercials,” pronounced Steve Shannon, clamp president, Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “This Super Bowl, Hyundai also had a highest[1] commission boost of new fans. With Twitter trade during 24.1 million tweets during Super Bowl XLVII – adult 9 million from final year – and sites like YouTube and Facebook stability to yield consumers with timely information on ‘what is trending now,’ it is some-more critical for marketers to cut by a confusion and arise to a top.”

“Stuck”“, Hyundai’s second entertain in-game ad also placed in a USA Today Ad Meter tip 20 and was ranked 8th among all Super Bowl ads by Ace Metrix, a attention customary in radio and video analytics.

“The blurb is unequivocally a initial step to engagement,” continues Shannon. “We are always reinventing a promotion plan to safeguard that it has mixed hold points, both on and off a screen. An instance of this is a ‘‘Find Your Seven’ amicable mobile debate that leveraged a energy of Facebook to emanate an interesting dual-screen knowledge for Super Bowl viewers. With this module prolongation alone, we are saying 8.1 million impressions, 77,000 clicks and some-more than 5,800 videos generated.”

The increasing amicable gibberish and strenuous certain response to a new commercials interpret to new highs on and dealership websites. Data performed after a commercials publicly aired exhibit that visits increasing 51 percent over a Jan average, while mobile trade went adult 10 percent year-over-year. Santa Fe, a star of this year’s Super Bowl promotion blitz, perceived a 591 percent boost year-over-year on a dedicated indication page. Hyundai play sites also benefited with a swell in web trade of 261 percent during Super Bowl weekend and a 547 percent rise in mobile visits.

The success of Hyundai’s Super Bowl promotion debate extends over a amicable globe with inhabitant media commend including tip rankings and recognitions from heading news authorities such as:

  • Fox Sports ranks “Team” as one of their 10 best-rated Super Bowl commercials
  • Automotive News labeled “Stuck” and “Epic Play Date” as “Hits”
  • Autoweek ranked “Team”, “Epic Playdate” and “Stuck” in a tip 10
  • Yahoo! lists “Epic Playdate” as one of a “Top 10 buzziest ads”
  • TIME rated “Team” one of a best ads with an A- rating
  • MTV listed “Epic Play Date” as one of a “The 10 Best Spots”
  • VentureBeat named “Team” one of a “10 ads that ‘won’ a Super Bowl this year”

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