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Hyundai Motor America sets a theatre for a Super Bowl promotion with an integrated selling debate kicking off during a AFC Championship diversion on Sunday, Jan. 23. All-new spots airing in-game will run as an unbranded, viral debate breaks online, with print, digital and approach selling elements rounding out a 360-degree module that builds over dual weeks and culminates on Super Bowl Sunday. Two of Hyundais 4 30-second in-game spots will prominence a all-new 2011 Hyundai Elantra with a theme: Snap Out of It. Two additional spots will underline a hot-selling 2011 Sonata. Hyundai Motor Americas group of record, Innocean Worldwide Americas, grown a new campaign.

Hyundais Snap Out of It debate addresses years of consumer relief towards a compress automobile segment. Through a array of shorts that satire a story of compress automobile advertising, Hyundai tells a story of a hypnotized consumer mindset, conditioned to squeeze compress cars for practicality and reliability, regardless of their unexcited pattern and singular innovation. Enter a all-new 2011 Elantra, a no-compromise choice that finally screams Snap Out of It in an bid to deprogram those in a compress automobile trance.

Hyundais 2011 Super Bowl promotion shell goes over radio to embody an unbranded, viral debate by a formation of 10 online spots that strengthen a Snap Out of It theme. The online brief films plead a swindling behind compress automobile trance and plead consumer curiosity, generating buzz-building movement heading adult to a Super Bowl. Each of a viral shorts, filmed to demeanour like consumer-generated calm or documentary style, approach viewers to a different, unbranded microsite deliberating a compress automobile conspiracy. These brief films nor a microsites will be branded or identified until Super Bowl Sunday, and Hyundai will haven during slightest dual Snap Out of It ads to premier in a Big Game.

Over a years a Super Bowl has supposing a good entrance for us to strech a poignant audience, and this year we are expanding that strech by jumpstarting a debate dual weeks early during a AFC Championship game, pronounced John Krafcik, boss and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. Having a entirely integrated debate heading adult to a Big Game subsequent month will concede us to build a story that creates a thespian matter fitting a break-through automobile like a all-new Elantra, that gives consumers permit to pattern some-more from a compress segment.

This year outlines Hyundais fourth uninterrupted as a Super Bowl advertiser, with 3 in-game ads designed for Super Bowl Sunday, yet this is a initial time Hyundai has tied a Big Game plan to a module commencement during a local championships. To perspective Hyundais AFC ads, greatfully visit,

The 2011 Elantra sets a bar in a compress sedan difficulty charity complicated design, superb fuel economy, loads of comfort and preference facilities during a low starting cost of $14,830. Powered by an all-new 1.8-liter Nu engine, a fifth era Elantra boasts best-in-class customary fuel economy of 40 mpg highway. Elantra also continues to lead a attention in customary modernized reserve technologies including a new Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) complement to optimally conduct Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Even with game-changing opening and reserve features, a Elantra does not scrimp on design. It offers a class-above mid-size automobile interior volume and mirrors a fluidic sculpture pattern of a endowment winning sibling, a all-new Sonata.

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