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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Jun 10, 2015
– Today outlines a full year of consumer accessibility for a initial mass-produced fuel dungeon vehicle, a Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell CUV. This innovative hydrogen-powered CUV has been delivered to 70 Southern California residents, who have given amassed some-more than 475,000 miles on their inner streets and freeways, all while emitting usually environmentally-friendly purify H2O vapor. The Tucson Fuel Cell CUV offers high-versatility, refueling speed identical to gasoline, and an estimated 265 miles of pushing range, comparing agreeably with identical gasoline vehicles.

This augmenting series of real-world fuel dungeon drivers and their accumulative impact on emissions rebate outlines a vital miracle in a stability adoption of fuel dungeon technology. Recognizing a critical purpose these consumers are holding in shortening a coherence on hoary fuels, Hyundai is assisting to share their story in a accumulation of ways.

“Over a past year, Hyundai’s Tucson Fuel Cell owners are display a universe currently that this record represents a subsequent epoch of zero-emissions transportation,” pronounced Mike O’Brien, clamp president, Corporate and Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Building movement for fuel dungeon vehicles and their real-world applications, these business are pity their use of how a Tucson fits seamlessly into their daily lives.”

Dave Uselton, who has been pushing a Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell in California given Jun of 2014, lives in Dana Point with his family. Dave is a tellurian consultant who travels extensively and is unprotected to several worldwide trends in his line of expertise. Back during home, Dave is really concerned in music, both in his possess rope and ancillary a song industry, and enjoys kayaking. His mom is really active with rescue dog efforts, frequently visiting inner shelters and bringing deserted animals to several open venues to assistance boost their bearing for adoption. The whole family has been discerning to adopt a Tucson Fuel Cell in this accumulation of activities, all emissions-free.

Day in a Life of a Fuel Cell Family - Dave Uselton

Click to perspective Day in a Life of a Fuel Cell Family video

As a initial automaker with a mass-produced fuel dungeon car on a highway today, Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell owners are assisting to chaperon in a new epoch of sustainable, zero-emissions fuel. In a artistic debate hosted on a Tucson Fuel Cell website, Hyundai gives voice to these drivers as a bland superheroes they represent. They are travelling to work, removing a girls to softball practice, attack a drive-thru Starbucks on a approach home, emissions-free. They’re gripping a low profile, going incognito behind a circle of a Tucson Fuel Cell—the ideal car for people sensitively changing a world, one mile during a time, nonetheless with an uncontrollable inner enthusiasm.

Eight of Hyundai’s fuel dungeon business benefaction their superhero personas with obvious artists formulating comic-book-like illustrations of their powers. In addition, 3 of these superheroes are featured in their possess videos:

  • Carolyn Rowley (“Mother Nurture”): An eco-friendly mom who started her possess institution in Kenya and was awarded California’s Best Sustainable Garden drives a Fuel Cell given it runs usually on H2O and serves as approach prolongation of her lifestyle.
  • Celso Pierre (“Blue Lightning”): When Celso isn’t daylighting as an engineer, he’s off assisting green-field startups in Mexico and Brazil. This bland superhero surfs, bikes, hikes and drives a Tucson Fuel Cell to assistance strengthen a sourroundings he loves so dearly.
  • Nancy Gillespie (“Eco-Master”): Along with her reliable sidekicks, this commander of all-things-eco uses her energy usually for good, including first an eco-friendly association that distributes environmentally-friendly dog products.

INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai Motor America’s group of record, combined a debate that is hosted on a Tucson Fuel Cell website.

The Tucson Fuel Cell alleviates some of a operation and application stipulations of normal battery electric vehicles. The Tucson Fuel Cell maintains a day-to-day coherence of a gasoline-powered Tucson, so that a motorist is means to perform their travel needs but operation or recharging-time concerns to their lifestyle.

Hydrogen refueling stations are on a rise, creation fueling even some-more available for fuel dungeon drivers. According to both supervision and attention experts, hydrogen stations are forecasted to strech around 20 stations by a finish of 2015 and approximately 50 stations in 2017.

The Tucson Fuel Cell is an modernized electric car – one that creates a possess electricity, on-board, from hydrogen. According to a University of California, Irvine Advanced Power and Energy Program’s study, a hydrogen fuel dungeon provides allied sum well-to-wheel emissions to a battery electric vehicle. For a Tucson Fuel Cell driver, this amicable advantage is achieved with larger utility, flexibility and but compromises. Consider:

  • Driving operation of 265 miles
  • Refueling time identical to gasoline car of same size
  • Minimal rebate in daily application compared with a gasoline counterpart
  • Instantaneous electric engine torque
  • Minimal cold-weather effects compared with battery-electric vehicles
  • Superb daily trustworthiness and long-term durability
    • No relocating tools within a power-generating fuel dungeon stack
    • More than dual million continuance exam miles on Hyundai’s fuel dungeon swift given 2000
    • Extensive crash, glow and trickle contrast successfully completed
  • Quieter EV operation
  • Zero greenhouse-gas emissions, emits usually H2O vapor

The Tucson Fuel Cell began mass prolongation in Feb 2013 during a Ulsan, Korea public plant that also manufactures a Tucson gasoline-powered CUV. Manufacturing a Tucson Fuel Cell during a same plant allows Hyundai to precedence both a high peculiarity and cost-efficiency of a renouned gasoline-powered Tucson platform. For some-more sum on a Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell, greatfully revisit

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