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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Nov. 23, 2015 – The Hyundai Tucson is a Most Loved CUV, according to Strategic Vision’s 2015 Customer Love Index.

Strategic Vision, a San Diego research-based consultancy, published a mint index this year formed on a quantitative, annual, syndicated National Vehicle Experience study, that examines factors that expostulate owners compensation with and faithfulness to scarcely all vital automakers.

“The Tucson is a good product with a good turn of customary facilities during a good price, and is corroborated by a best guaranty in a industry,” pronounced Alexander Edwards, president, Strategic Vision. “This multiple creates a really certain sense of Hyundai as a brand, one that many buyers share with their friends and family.”

For a 2015 Strategic Vision National Vehicle Experience Study, 44,000 owners supposing discernment on a factors that make or mangle a new-car buyer’s experience. Vehicles were assessed on altogether experience, faithfulness intention, advocacy, car attributes, romantic smoothness and altogether value. Assessments fused romantic aspects of a categories to brand when consumers go over a indicate of compensation to truly amatory their new-buyer experience.

“The Tucson is engineered to give consumers a truly rewarding patron and owners experience, with superb design, reserve record and performance.” pronounced Mike O’Brien, clamp president, corporate and product planning, Hyundai Motor America. “Earning a mark for a most-loved CUV shows that we move something singular and sparkling to a list that other CUVs don’t.”

Strategic Vision is a research-based consultancy with over thirty-five years of knowledge in bargain a consumers’ and constituents’ decision-making systems for a accumulation of Fortune 100 clients, including many automotive manufacturers. Its singular imagination is in identifying consumers’ comprehensive, motivational hierarchies, including a product attributes, personal benefits, value/emotions and images that expostulate perceptions and behaviors, regulating ValueCentered® psychology. Strategic Vision also uses extensive algorithms and cultured beam that magnitude patron adore and go over standard old-fashioned and ineffectual compensation scales. ValueCentered® psychology and investigate methods were tangible by Darrel Edwards, Ph.D. in 1968, and extended by co-founders J. Susan Johnson (1972) and Sharon Shedroff (1975). For serve information, hit Alexander Edwards or Christopher Chaney during (858) 576-7141.

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