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The association designs, engineers and manufactures cars in Europe, privately for European consumers. In 2012, Hyundai achieved European sales of 444.000 units, holding a new-car marketplace share of 3,5%. Almost 95% of a vehicles Hyundai sells in a segment are designed, engineered and tested in Europe. And some-more than 70% are built during a dual internal factories (Czech Republic and Turkey), including New Generation i30, that is shortlisted for Europe’s 2013 Car of a Year award. Hyundai sells cars in 28 European countries opposite 2.500 outlets.

Hyundai offers a unique, Europe-only, Five Year Triple Care guaranty package with all new cars sole in a region, providing business with a five-year guaranty with no mileage limit, 5 years of roadside assistance and 5 years of car health checks.

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