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Three-Door Convertible Coupe Combines Dual-Function Retractable Roof with Customizable Urban Design


  • Based on a Veloster’s three-door coupe design
  • Dual-function automobile roof that rolls retrograde and forwards
  • Tailgate replaces hatchback for total utility
  • Custom fixed-gear bicycle-inspired design
  • Repurposed skateboards line load floor
  • Repurposed industrial lorry tarps emanate automobile soothing top

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 28, 2012 – Smart pattern meets civic impression as Hyundai denounced a Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment during a press discussion during a Los Angeles Auto Show today. Expanding on a qualities that have finished a Veloster a sales success, a C3 (which stands for Convertible 3-door) combines alfresco leisure with a impression of a coupe and a functionality of a tailgate. The Veloster’s fit coupe pattern with dark passenger-side third doorway introduces an innovative dual-function hurl tip and tailgate, adding singular application to a convertible.

“We were desirous by a motto ‘A rolling mill gathers no moss,” pronounced Chris Chapman, arch designer, Hyundai Design North America. “The Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment offers a ‘no strings attached’ leisure of a hurl tip automobile and customizable application that fits an bland to a play day twin lifestyle.”


Designed by Hyundai Design North America, a Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment offers a particular house roof that opens to a behind or windshield of a vehicle. The deftly designed dual-function power-retractable roof total with a tailgate gives a C3 a twin personality. In automobile mode with a tip rolled back, a C3 is a giveaway suggestion for pushing along a Pacific Coast Highway. Roll a tip forward, open a tailgate, overlay a behind seats and a C3 goes into distraction mode – ideal for surfing, biking or kayaking.

From Zuma to Sunset, accumulate play in a behind and go from surfing during a beach with friends to cruising a streets of downtown Los Angeles with a tip down in seconds. The elementary tip is a ideal answer to a twin lifestyle and is totally customizable.


Fixed rigging bikes, or “fixies,” changed from smart accessories for hipsters and into a bicycling mainstream. In many civic areas one can’t spin a dilemma but using into a organisation of riders zipping along a highway or practicing tricks in a park. These colorful bikes are minimalistic with usually a singular speed and no brakes. They are also totally customizable to fit any ones style. From palm built wheels to tone concurrent saddles and handlebars, half a bike is built by a patron and a other half by a manufacturer.

The C3 offers a same knowledge with a simple, nonetheless rarely fit and stylish design. All of a extraneous modifications are low cost. Change a counterpart caps and tone of a behind wheels opposite a neutral white physique and a C3 can take on an all new look. A motorist can change a demeanour fast and easily. The attribute between automobile and motorist totally changes when a modifications are finished by a individual.

The tone palette selected for a Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment was shabby by a rising bound rigging bicycle culture. The pattern group felt a C3 indispensable an civic tone combination. During a routine tone combinations on a dozen fixie bikes were looked during before determining on a red, white, black and teal scheme.

The high shimmer white paint of a C3 is contrasted by a prosaic black spoiler, potion tighten out and automobile tip rails. The behind counterpart bezels, permit image slot and badge are also prosaic black. Upfront prosaic red counterpart housings equivalent a prosaic black front wheels, haze flare bezels, front grille and badging. Flat teal behind wheels, red reflectors and smoked taillights finish a look.

The Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment bottom pattern also facilities a following:

  • Large giveaway issuing round empty pipes
  • Robust intake plural sound
  • Big, confidant hexagonal front grille
  • Sculpted side skirts
  • Diffuser vents in a reduce behind fascia
  • 18-inch wheels with chrome inserts
  • Eight particular headlight LED accents


Continuing with a civic theme, repurposed materials are used via a Veloster C3 Roll Top judgment for total impression and one-of-a-kind design. The automobile red soothing tip is desirous by billboard promotion found on rolling soothing side trailers. An industrial billboard lorry tarp with a black “The C3 Roll Top” matter trademark was created, afterwards repurposed and stitched together to emanate a singular striking hurl top. Red was selected as a matter tone to prominence a functionality of a hurl tip as good as compare a black and red counterpart housings, taillights and red behind reflectors.

Inside a C3, damaged and aged movement house decks are repurposed and artistically line a load building formulating a singular mosaic.

“We revisit several shows and events like a International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York City any year to find new, sparkling and engaging materials,” pronounced Liz Curran, Hyundai tone and trim consultant from Hyundai Design North America. “This year we unclosed Art of Board, a association that creates palm cut tiles from 100 percent recycled movement decks. The decks are really durable and repurposed into art, shelves, benches and chairs. Every scratch, scratch and tool is kept total – adding impression and creation them truly strange and any with a possess story. They’re alive with texture, figure and color.”

C3 facilities tiles from some-more than 20 movement play on a load building and behind seatbacks. Skateboard hold fasten also lines a inside of a tailgate and accents a soothing tip when rolled forward. The black with red interior accents follow a same tone intrigue as a retractable roof and are highlighted by red stitching, red bolsters and a red C3 trademark in a front seats.


A 1.6-liter turbocharged GDI four-cylinder engine powers a Veloster C3 judgment and produces 201 horsepower during 6,000 rpm and 195 lb-ft of torque from 1,750 – 4,500 rpm with unchanging fuel. Hyundai’s 1.6-liter Gamma turbocharged engine facilities a twin-scroll turbocharger that when total with a GDI system, formula in immediate energy delivery.

CLICK HERE To View a Full 2012 LA Auto Show Media Kit

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