Hyundai’s Le Fil Rouge Concept Car Makes North American Debut during Concours d’Elegance of America in Michigan

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07/23/2018, Detroit, MI

DETROIT, Jul 23, 2018 – Michigan residents will have a event to demeanour into Hyundai’s destiny when a Le Fil Rouge judgment automobile creates a North American entrance during a 40th Annual Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, Michigan, Jul 27–29. The judgment automobile introduces Hyundai’s new ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ pattern theme, that will seem on all destiny Hyundai vehicles, trimming from sedans to SUVs. As a name implies, Le Fil Rouge (common thread) is a thoughtfulness of Hyundai’s faith that a brand’s past, benefaction and destiny designs are all connected.

2018 Le Fil Rouge Concept Car

The Le Fil Rouge is a reinterpretation of Hyundai’s 1974 Coupe Concept and outlines a commencement of a Sensuous Sportiness epoch for Hyundai design. The Sensuous Sportiness pattern denunciation will move intrinsic beauty, romantic value and appropriateness to Hyundai vehicles. Sensuous Sportiness is tangible by a peace between 4 elemental elements in automobile design: proportion, architecture, styling, and technology.

Le Fil Rouge creates proportional impression formed on a golden-ratio – a common mathematical ratio found in inlet – that enabled Hyundai designers to emanate an aesthetically pleasing, healthy looking combination embodying charisma. Unique proportions also are achieved regulating a prolonged wheelbase, vast wheels and brief overhangs. A deferential lurch to spindle ratio – a stretch from front circle core to a bottom of windshield – provides a gentle pushing position, while a teardrop roofline completes a altogether look.

Hyundai took a new proceed called ‘Light Architecture’ with Le Fil Rouge, to confederate a on-going temperament into a brand’s pattern heritage. Light Architecture generates a energetic demeanour and a brazen suit effect. The front and back pillars, as good as a roof are seamlessly blended into a overarching conformation of a vehicle, as if it was drawn with a singular line. The extraneous and interior are uniformly joined by a ‘Tube Architecture’ to emanate a same romantic value inside and outward a vehicle, while also permitting a lightweight profile.

The interior pattern differentiates a needs of a motorist and passengers. The front newcomer chair maximizes comfort even on long-distance trips with some-more leg room, while a driver’s seating position is designed to optimize ergonomics. The wrap-around pattern emphasizes depth, formulating a calm, atmospheric and gentle environment.

The team’s idea was to emanate a automobile that is now tangible as a Hyundai from a distance. This was achieved by formulating a voluptuous tragedy on a side by a agreeable mix of crisp, layered lines and pristine volumes. Concave and convex forms are delicately orchestrated to yield a voluptuous character.

Also tangible is a concept’s particular ambience with a wide, layered front hood, total with a new Cascading Grille, Hyundai’s many specifying pattern cue. The new Cascading Grille comes with a three-dimensional treatment, featuring parametric wealth inside, giving a automobile a autocratic presence.

A core pattern element for Hyundai designers is to emanate a pattern that enables a seamless knowledge of function. Inspired by aircraft ventilation, a two-way atmosphere movement complement blows atmosphere over a winding aspect of a lightweight tube architecture.

Re-vitalized timber and high tech fabrics are used extensively via and sculpted into exquisite, voluptuous forms. This evokes healthy beauty with an romantic hold adding an ethereal feeling to a car.

Meanwhile, a floating breathtaking arrangement joined with haptic record sits in front of a driver. This arrangement provides entrance to discerning meridian controls and other automobile features.

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