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HCD-14 Genesis Provides a Glimpse into Future Hyundai Premium Vehicle Design

Eye-tracking Technology and Interactive 3-D Gesture Recognition Hint during Future Technologies in Hyundai’s Premium Vehicle Lineup

DETROIT, Jan. 14, 2013 – Having finished 2012 with five-straight years of reward shred sales expansion with a Genesis and Equus car lines, currently Hyundai denounced a pattern instruction for destiny reward vehicles with its
HCD-14 Genesis judgment during a North American International Auto Show.

“We’ve over from attention gathering in many of a reward product, marketing, sales and use approaches, and it’s worked out flattering well, with Genesis and Equus now delivering a 9 percent sell marketplace share in their reward segments, aloft than a 5 percent sell share Hyundai code achieves in a altogether industry,” pronounced John Krafcik, boss and CEO, Hyundai Motor America. “This success paves a approach for a new era of rear-wheel expostulate reward products. HCD-14 Genesis gives a spirit of a pattern instruction we’ll be taking, and an denote of a concentration we’re fixation on pushing dynamics and technology.”

Further, Genesis and Equus are attracting aloft customer demographics to a Hyundai code than ever before. Since a launch of Genesis in 2008, a share of Hyundai buyers with domicile incomes above $100,000 has increasing by 25%, indicating only how distant products like Genesis have softened demographics for a brand. Finally, notwithstanding ability constraints, Genesis Coupe annual sales have exceeded those of a Infiniti G37 reward coupe aspirant given a introduction to a reward competition coupe shred in 2009, and it stays one of a fastest branch vehicles in Hyundai’s lineup.

HCD-14 Genesis conveys a fluidic-precision, liquid-metal pattern language. Craftsmanship peculiarity is conveyed around gemstone-like pattern surfaces. A confidant front fascia surrounds brushed steel grille surfaces with a low straight grille opening. The corners of a back hood incorporate feverishness extractor pattern accents that confederate seamlessly with extraneous counterpart design. From a side perspective silhouette, classical rear-drive competition sedan proportions are conveyed by an extended dash-to-axle length, brief overhangs, large-diameter wheels, sharply-tapered greenhouse, and brief back deck. Large wheels were grown from a brew of reward lightweight alloys with CO fiber surrounding a voided areas of a circle design.

“We instilled HCD-14 Genesis with a premium-sport 4-door coupe highway presence,” pronounced Christopher Chapman, arch designer, Hyundai Design North America. “Its neat and lightweight conformation does not retaliate a wind, though uses fluidic pointing with thespian surfacing that conveys healthy restraint. Inside, a driver-centric cockpit prioritizes thespian sculpture over infotainment symbol overload. Laminated and milled-wood detailing delivers a fresh, topographical map-like visible seductiveness around a cabin-length core console.”

Opening a back doorway reveals a rear-hinged configuration, with a single, oversized, brushed-aluminum hinge articulating diagonally from a back doorway cutline. With both doors open, HCD-14 Genesis has an mouth-watering and broad cabin ambience. Inside a cabin, a double-cresting-wave core console pattern carries from a instrument row by to a back seats. This design-wave thesis serve influences a interior doorway handles and back headrest hoods. Gauges and motorist information are supposing around an heterogeneous alloy of both analog and digital sources, with aviation-derived pattern cues. The driver-focused cockpit offers an asymmetrical core stack, with vicious pushing functions distant from newcomer comfort functions. The core console even includes an iPad® inscription storage station, gripping it secure in energetic driving.

While a HCD-14 Genesis extraneous pattern creates a matter all a own, a driver’s sourroundings is where a technological creation breaks new ground. Ergonomics engineers separated a normal core stack, building an discerning motorist interface element that allows a HCD-14 motorist to improved keep his eyes on a road. Freed from normal pattern restrictions, designers combined a controls blueprint abandoned of intimidating clusters of buttons and knobs. Using state-of-the-art motorist eye-tracking and 3-D hand-gesture recognition, HCD-14 Genesis is means to commend motorist commands giveaway from a distractions compared with primer controls. Once a specific underline is comparison around eye-tracking, ride controls or gesticulate approval can be used to name navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions. This discerning interface provides a motorist with finish control while gripping his eyes safely above a cover plane, regulating a windshield heads-up arrangement (HUD) for minimal pushing distraction. This exclusive interface represents Hyundai’s prophesy for destiny car HMI and sets a new benchmark in active motorist reserve technology.

HCD-14’s innovative eye-tracking and gesture-based controls revoke standard pushing distractions, ensuing in a some-more focused motorist means to improved conclude a day-to-day compensation of well-developed car dynamics. To this end, HCD-14 Genesis car dynamics take a motorist to a new turn of involvement, focus, and control. An ultra-rigid framework with vital use of high-tensile steel provides a vault-like height for a rear-drive powertrain configuration. Sophisticated five-link front and back cessation reduces suspension-travel changes to cove and toe for unchanging hold out of bends. A multi-mode energy steering element retains highway feel and feedback advantages while agreeable a potency advantages of an electronic system. Low-profile opening tires produce glorious turn-in response, mid-corner grip, and highway feel. A worldly yaw-control element provides mixed driver-selected options for changing highway conditions and pushing preferences. Such an modernized element of tarmac-gripping technologies requires an equally-impressive powertrain to be entirely exploited, and a Hyundai-developed Tau® V8 engine is some-more than adult to a task.

The HCD-14 Genesis powertrain facilities a award-winning Hyundai Tau® V8 engine, displacing 5.0-liters, with approach injection and Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT), for considerable power, low emissions and glorious efficiency. HCD-14 Genesis uses visual approval to brand a motorist and trigger a starting sequence, while rigging preference for a 8-speed involuntary delivery is achieved around paddle shifters. HCD-14 Genesis empty is ceramic-lined and was tuned for minimal backpressure, limit high-rpm horsepower, and a low baritone note, with cooling fins integrated into ultra-wide empty tips.

CLICK HERE to perspective a 2013 Detroit Auto Show Media Kit

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