IN-Campus GmbH: Audi and a city of Ingolstadt remediate refinery site for record park

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In-Campus GmbH acquired a former Bayernoil refinery site in Nov 2015. The site offers countless advantages, including a continual area of 75 hectares, a vicinity to a Audi plant and good connectors to a travel infrastructure. No new areas will be hermetic during construction on a IN-Campus. It is many some-more a box that a city of Ingolstadt, represented by IFG Ingolstadt, and Audi are respirating new life into a former refinery site.

The city of Ingolstadt, AUDI AG and Bayernoil Raffineriegesellschaft mbH sealed a open law remediation agreement in May 2016. The primary design of a agreement is to mislay pollutants from a soil, dirt atmosphere and groundwater during a former refinery to produce a healthy atmosphere for a people visiting and operative during a churned blurb and industrial site. The endless remediation work, that has been move north to south given 2016, is scheduled for execution by a finish of 2022. Upon completion, In-Campus GmbH will use 60 hectares of a site as a business and industrial park. 15 hectares of a sum area have been designated as remuneration area for inlet and landscape.

Currently a subsoil is still infested by pollutants carrying opposite chemico-physical properties. Special methods suitable for a several contaminant classes are being used to well remediate a site:

  • Air sparging – regulating atmosphere to get absolved of contaminants: Air sparging is being used on an area of roughly 100,000 square meters (1,076,391 sq ft) to mislay rarely flighty contaminants from a groundwater and soil. This is now one of a largest atmosphere sparging projects in Germany.
  • Soil mine – remediation regulating a honeycomb method: This low-emissions dirt deputy process is being used to totally mislay contaminants from roughly 600,000 metric tons of soiled material.
  • Soil soaking plant – cleaning a dirt one step during a time: A dirt soaking plant gradually treats infested dirt to produce purify soil. Approximately 90 percent of a treated dirt can be refilled. The residue is likely of.
  • Effluent diagnosis – a array of wells protects a surrounding area: Ten wells forestall infested groundwater from issuing away. A state-of-the-art H2O diagnosis plant purifies a H2O according to a pump-and-treat method. The purified H2O afterwards seeps divided on a site.

Construction of a innovative record park in a west of a IN-Campus site is scheduled to start in 2018. This will embody a Project House – a four-building formidable for some 1,400 experts in a margin of new technologies. Completion of a formidable is approaching by a finish of 2020. Additional structures will follow successively. Among a initial will be a pushing reserve center, an IT core and an appetite center.

Statements on IN-Campus:
Dr. Christian Lösel, Mayor of a city of Ingolstadt “A high-end record core for groundbreaking technologies and innovations is gradually being built here. we am quite gratified that an critical building retard for a destiny of Ingolstadt is anticipating a home following endless remediation of a former refinery site. That is a win for a city and a environment.”

Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of IN-Campus GmbH (AUDI AG): “I see a plan as a extensive opportunity. By building this site, we are creation an huge grant to a segment and to a destiny viability of Ingolstadt as a high-tech site.

Norbert Forster, Managing Director of IN-Campus GmbH (IFG Ingolstadt): “IFG has already partnered with AUDI AG to build a Logistics Center, one of a many modernized in Europe. With a IN-Campus project, we are environment another miracle in a area of digitalization and innovation.”

Klaus Mittermaier, Chairman of a General Works Council of AUDI AG: “The tolerable remediation of a site is a judicious step toward a future. An industrial solitude is being remade into an innovative industrial site that can secure jobs in a segment and also equate infrastructure in Ingolstadt.”

Dr. Rüdiger Recknagel, Head of Environmental Protection during AUDI AG: “We are unapproachable to be conducting a initial extensive remediation of a refinery site in Bavaria with this eco-friendly remediation project. In so doing, we are giving something behind to both multitude and nature.”

The latest cinema of a IN-Campus debate on a 14th of Jun 2018 will be accessible at 5.30 pm during a Audi MediaCenter.

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