Inaugural assembly of Sustainability Council – Volkswagen Group creates multi-million euro active account accessible for projects

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• Nine internationally eminent experts accommodate for a initial time in Berlin
• Sustainability Council appoints Georg Kell, Founding Director UN Global Compact, as
  a chair and defines initial areas of focus
• Intensive discourse with Board of Management Chairman Matthias Müller, Board
  of Management member Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt
• Volkswagen Group creates active account of € 20 million accessible for a first
  dual years

Recently allocated by a Volkswagen Group, a Sustainability Council done adult of members from several nations set a bulletin for a work during a initial assembly today. It inaugurated Georg Kell, Founding Director UN Global Compact, as a chair. Its initial areas of concentration in 2017 will be a hurdles of tellurian CO2 wickedness and a analogous regulations post 2025, and a company’s mutation process. For a offer and appropriation of a possess projects a Volkswagen Group is proactively creation € 20 million accessible for a initial dual years.

Matthias Müller, Chairman of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Group, pronounced after a meeting: “Today is a good day for Volkswagen. we am gay and beholden that 9 such superb people have announced themselves peaceful to work with us on a newly combined general Sustainability Council. The Volkswagen Sustainability Council will be versed with inclusive information and conference rights, as good as rights to work on a possess initiative. It will advise a Management Board on matters of business ethics and integrity, as good as on executive issues confronting a automotive attention in a future, such as a mutation from automobile manufacturer to mobility services provider, on a radical technological change from inner explosion engine to electric mobility and on a doubt of anticipating a change between profitability, good jobs and environmental protection.”

Georg Kell, Chair of a Sustainability Council, emphasised: “In today´s initial assembly we have already gifted a really heated and open discussion. We are entirely wakeful of a vast mutation that lays brazen Volkswagen Group. We were invited to be partial of this tour and are really most looking brazen on being actively concerned in a growth of this journey.”

Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, Member of a Board of a Volkswagen Group for Integrity and Legal Affairs, stressed: “The Board of Management of a Volkswagen Group really most welcomes a complete discourse begun currently between a association and a high-calibre experts from research, academia, scholarship and politics. Their eccentric imagination and their recommendations will support a Group in a attempts to lift out a amicable responsibility, to foster integrity, to enhance stakeholder discourse and constantly to expostulate brazen a tolerable growth of a business.”

The Group’s Sustainability Council will in destiny not usually assemble with Members of a Board of Management though will also intensively correlate with a General Works Council as good as with opposite departments within a Group and a brands in workshops, meetings and discussions.

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