Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Australian GP Preview

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Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Australian GP Preview

“Testing has been bustling over a final few weeks and we consider we have done a decent step with a car. You never unequivocally know where we are until we get to Melbourne and even afterwards we don’t unequivocally see what everybody has got until subordinate – so I’m looking brazen to removing started. Australia and Malaysia are opposite circuits so they are tough to compare. Australia is not a permanent competition track, it’s utterly rough and it’s tough for a car. Malaysia is smoother, as it’s a permanent competition lane with quick corners, though both are good marks and Australia is one of a best places we go to. It’s good to know we’re going racing again, we can’t wait to get on a moody and get down under.”
Sebastian Vettel

“This will be my eleventh Australian GP and we can’t wait to get started. The Grand Prix is one of a best sporting events that we have in Australia. It’s good to see a support and Australian flags in a crowd. I’ve incorporated some-more of an Australian thesis into my helmet, that I’ll be regulating for a whole year, not only in Australia. It’s been an intensely heated few months for a whole group and it’s implausible when we count adult how many sleep-deprived hours have left in to scheming a automobile as best we can – from array stops to trustworthiness to motorist comfort in a cockpit – we name it, we’ve always been looking to improve. There’s always a outrageous volume of seductiveness in a initial race; this year is no opposite and there’s no improved place to have it than Australia.”
Mark Webber

With a new recover of a new RB8 F1 automobile both Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber are vehement to start a season. The twin discusses a pattern of a car, their favorite tracks, and their devise looking into a new season.

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