Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Australian Grand Prix Qualifying

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Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Australian Grand Prix Qualifying

Position: 5th
(3rd Practice – P3, 1:25.900)

“We knew there were some discerning guys out there – McLaren and Mercedes generally and Romain did good too. Everyone always thinks we have special pieces to keep entrance back, though this year it’s non-stop right up. we didn’t have KERS during a finish of a session, that affects your stroke during subordinate – it’s a contrition as it’s been unblemished all winter. I’m gratified with my path in Q3. We can still get on a lectern tomorrow, though we have some quick cars around us, no doubt about it.”

Position: 6th
(3rd Practice – P7, 1:26.211)

“It’s a initial subordinate of a year, so it’s always formidable to know what to expect, though we consider what we saw currently was not a surprise, a path times were close. We would have desired to have been closer to a front, though in Q3 we wasn’t happy with my lap. we done a mistake during a commencement and mislaid some time, so that was down to me. we could have been one or dual places higher, though that’s how it goes. We are not starting during a front, though we are not starting during a behind either, so it’s distant from catastrophic and per a automobile we know what we need to do. We have a prolonged competition brazen of us tomorrow and a lot of opportunities, so I’m looking brazen to it.”

“Mark mislaid his KERS going into Q3, that is a initial KERS problem we have had all winter. It’s hapless that it had to strike during a many vicious time of subordinate but, nonetheless, he did an glorious path to record a fifth fastest time. Sebastian never seemed to unequivocally find a gait in a automobile that seemed to be there this morning, so we have copiousness to demeanour during this evening. Fifth and sixth is distant from a disaster and with a double DRS zones accessible this year, I’m certain we can be in improved figure tomorrow afternoon.”

“First of all we’re gratified to be behind on track, though of march we would have elite to be in a aloft position for tomorrow. Apologies to Mark who suffered from a KERS emanate during qualifying; he could have been P2 or P3, so it’s a large shame. For Seb we were not means to be in a improved position, maybe he suffered from a miss of using this morning. It’s a initial competition tomorrow and many things can occur – so we’ll see what we can do.”

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