Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungarian GP Preview

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, Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest, Hungary

Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungarian GP Preview

“Hungary is always a good grand prix, with a good atmosphere – we consider it’s one that many of a drivers enjoy. we adore Budapest as a city; it’s a unequivocally pleasing place with a lot of good restaurants and places to go out. The lane is flattering brief and unequivocally technical, so it’s a bustling path for us. There are singular places for overtaking, so we’ll see how a DRS helps with that this year. The Hungaroring should fit a automobile well, we were unequivocally clever there final year and some-more of a same this year would be good. It’s another event for us to get some good points – and it’s always good to ?nish before a mangle with a clever outcome – so lets see how we go.”

“The Hungarian GP is one of a hardest for a drivers. It can get unequivocally prohibited in a cockpit due to a high-temperatures, that means we remove a lot of physique ?uid during a race. There are a lot of bumps on a track, that means we can get jarred adult a bit and, since a lane has frequency any straights, we have roughly no possibility to ‘rest’ – that’s what creates a Hungarian Grand Prix so exhausting. There are 3 intensely delayed corners and it’s flattering tough to pass there, while on a start and ?nish lines we strech a tip speed of 315kph. We get a good jolt by a ?rst dilemma due to a bumps; it’s a usually place where we can unequivocally overtake, so prolonged as we come out of a final dilemma good and get in a slipstream of a automobile in front. The final dual corners are important, since we have to ready for a intensity overtaking manoeuvre. In a final corner, we have to wait, wait, wait… afterwards we can expostulate over a kerbs and go full throttle.”

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