Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying

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, Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest, Hungary

Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungarian Grand Prix Qualifying

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Position: POLE POSITION (3rd Practice – P1, 1:21.168)

“I consider it was a unequivocally good event for us. The McLarens were unequivocally quick, so we’ve finished a right thing and we felt many some-more gentle this morning. Q1 and Q2 was about removing by to a final event and I’m unequivocally gratified with a result. We altered a lot on a automobile overnight and a boys were operative flattering tough and didn’t get many sleep, though we consider if we have a outcome like this it’s a best approach to contend thanks, so I’m unequivocally happy. I’ve got a certainty back, currently we felt many some-more gentle in a automobile and I’m looking brazen to tomorrow.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Position: 6th (3rd Practice – P4, 1:21.645)

“Third quarrel is not where we wish to be – we didn’t get a best out of a automobile and out of a tyres. KERS was adult and down a bit, we didn’t have it in Q2, we had it on a final path in Q3, though in a finish we wasn’t discerning adequate and couldn’t get a path time. So, we have to come behind tomorrow and see where we are.”


“A unequivocally tighten subordinate and a unusual bid by Sebastian to get a stick position on a final run, generally after a tough night by all a mechanics. We used a initial of a jokers with a curfew, of that we are accessible 4 of in a season, to spend a additional time operative on automobile set-up. He’s repaid them in a best probable approach with stick position, that is a good start to a weekend though we’re set for a tough competition tomorrow. Unfortunately Mark picked adult a KERS emanate in Q2; it came accessible again in Q3, though it hampered his preparation. Nonetheless we know Mark’s a good racer and I’m certain he’ll make good swell from there in tomorrow’s race.”

(Renault) CYRIL DUMONT: “Another stick position, that is great. we would like to contend a large appreciate we to all a boys operative in a garage final night as they worked unequivocally tough and didn’t get many sleep. we consider currently showed it was value it. Regarding Mark, we consider he should have been higher, though he had a KERS issue. No one doubts that he will be behind adult there tomorrow.”


Standing on a lectern as a leader is a monument for many F1 drivers, though it’s even some-more sparse for group members. Here, Head of Car Engineering, Paul Monaghan recalls…

“My initial time on lectern was in Valencia final year. Seb had come opposite a line and there was a good clarity of compensation from winning a race, though there was also huge service that Mark had walked divided from a unequivocally large accident, that was unequivocally worrying during a time. we was in a center of meditative about that when we got a call to go adult to a podium. we consider it was Jonathan (Wheatley, Team Manager) who sensitive me that we had been selected to paint a team.

I was somewhat astounded and shocked, though in a good way; all we can do is say, ‘Yes, ok, brilliant!’ The difficulty is that we have no suspicion of where to go and what a custom is! You’re perplexing to work out that finish of a pitlane is a lectern finish and we have no idea how to get by to where you’re ostensible to be. we wandered down a pitlane and saw Herbie Blash, he only smiled and pronounced ‘Oh, it’s we this week is it?’ He sent me in a right instruction and adult behind a podium. Seb appeared, we had a bit of a hee-haw and Jenson was adult there as well. we know him of old, so we had a discerning discuss and got prepared to go out.

Of course, I’d incited adult with a camera in my pocket, a phone and a bucket of other pieces and pieces. (Allsport’s) Alex Molina, who looks after a lectern ceremony, pronounced to me ‘you competence not wish to take that things out there’, since of a champagne. It’s only illusory when we travel out. To be honest, we don’t notice a throng in a grandstands too much. You’re wakeful there’s a large crowd, though you’re focused on your possess guys, and what was many appreciative for me was to see a sea of Red Bull people down below. It was good to be means to applaud with them. They work distant harder than we ever do and merit each success they get.

It’s some-more for them as a group than for we personally, you’re only going adult to paint a winning constructor and all those people. As for a champagne part, we saw a bottle, we consider it’s a Jeroboam, so flattering big, and Seb forked it during me and we suspicion ‘Go on then, we reckon we can splash all that!’ we had a go and unsuccessful miserably, so we got scrupulously drenched. But that’s what it’s all about. It competence never occur again, so we have to suffer it as many as we can. It unequivocally is amazing. Am we looking brazen to a subsequent time? Yes, please.”

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