Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungary Grand Prix 2011 Friday Practice Press Release

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, Hungaroring Circuit, Budapest, Hungary

Infiniti and Red Bull Racing: Hungary Grand Prix 2011 Friday Practice Press Release

1st Practice P4, 2nd Practice P4

“I finished a mistake this morning when we got on a damp kerb. I’ve seen a few of those over a final few years, though drivers still don’t learn – we still go out there and push! we clipped a ‘turf and strike a barrier, though opportunely usually a front wing was damaged. We recovered flattering good this afternoon and got a lot of mileage in. The automobile ran good and we have lots of info to go by tonight. The wily thing is a tyres. Ferrari and McLaren are positively behaving well, as they have finished during a final few races – it’s no large warn that they are doing decent path times and it’s a competition between all of us.”

First Practice Session
Position: 4, Best Time: 1: 23.666, Laps: 12, Chassis No. 4

Second Practice Session
Position: 4, Best Time 1:21.508, Laps:35, Chassis No. 4

1st Practice P2, 2nd Practice P5

“I felt a small bit improved in thecar, though it’s not like final year, it seems really parsimonious and McLaren and Ferrari are quick. we consider we need to lift a diversion if we wish to be during a front. we am not certain if KERS and DRS will have such a large outcome this weekend, though we consider a new tyres will be a vital factor. I’ve only stepped out of a car, so haven’t seen what a others did – we consider they will be a many critical thing to demeanour out for, in terms of handling a tyres for one lap, though equally for removing a many out of them for a whole stint. It will be a tough one. The gauze on my hand? It’s only a small thing, though we know how it goes with us men, we like to make a large fuss!”

First Practice Session
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:23.564, Laps: 24, Chassis No. 3

Second Practice Session
Position: 5, Best Time: 1:21.549, Laps: 31, Chassis No. 3

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