Infiniti and Red Bull Racing Return to Barcelona for Final Test: Day 2

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Infiniti and Red Bull Racing Return to Barcelona for Final Test: Day 2


  • Driver: Sebastian Vettel
  • Car: RB8
  • Laps: 85 laps
  • Best time: 1:23.361
  • Circuit length: 4.655km
  • Fastest lap: R. Grosjean (1:22.614)

After haze behind a start of today’s using and a morning event was afterwards interrupted by a series of red flags, Sebastian Vettel commented that a day of contrast during a Circuit de Catalunya had not been a smoothest, though that notwithstanding a delays he believes a group is surpassing good in allege of a initial race.

“It was utterly a disorderly day since of a haze and there were utterly a lot of red flags out there so it was tough to get into a good rhythm,” he said. “We had a possess blocking on a circuit, though it was no problem. It’s never good to stop though we brought a automobile behind and it wasn’t a large problem. We didn’t do a programme wholly though we consider we are streamer in a good way.

“I have one some-more day to go and so distant contrast has left flattering well. Not ideal of course, it never is, though all in all we feel utterly happy in a car. It’s some-more or reduction what we approaching and hopefully we’ll have another dual good days to ready for a initial race.

“The final integrate of days of contrast are always utterly critical as we always move a few new things and it’s many closer to a automobile we will competition in Melbourne, so we’ll see if that works out and hopefully we’ll be means to make another tiny step brazen before a first.”

Sebastian’s Race Engineer, Guillaume Rocquelin added: “The haze this morning wasn’t ideal though a circuit was really good in giving everybody an prolongation and we did get a decent volume of laps in. However, even when a event did get going it was a sincerely choppy start as there were a lot of red flags and as Sebastian pronounced it was formidable to find a rhythm.

“But Seb got by many of a programme, that currently was only credentials contrast stuff, we weren’t focusing on opening during all. There are a lot of boxes we need to parasite to go racing and we got utterly a few finished today.”

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