Infiniti and Red Bull Racing @ a Australian Grand Prix: "A GOOD COMEBACK"

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Infiniti and Red Bull Racing @ a Australian Grand Prix: “A GOOD COMEBACK”

Car 1 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, Finish Position: 2nd, Start Position: 6th

“I’m unequivocally happy with myself currently – we consider it was a many we could have achieved. we felt good in a car. Even before a reserve car, we consider we would have had a good shot during Lewis towards a end, as we were removing close. we motionless to stay out when he went to a pits and we would have had a moment even though a reserve car. we consider it was a good competition – a lot of fun. we had a good start primarily and was astounded by Nico, who had a unequivocally good start and got past. we upheld him again, that was a good stratagem and on a edge. Behind Michael, we had a mistake and went off in a initial corner; he afterwards did accurately a same when we got tighten to him, that was good. Congratulations to McLaren and to Jenson, we consider he gathering a illusory competition and was unbeatable today. I’m unequivocally happy to come divided with second place, it’s a lot of points and we consider people would not have approaching it after yesterday. we consider we had a improved automobile in a competition and it seems to have a lot of potential, now it’s adult to us to get to it. Thanks to everybody who is pulling so tough and creation this competition outcome probable today.”

Car 2 MARK WEBBER, Finish Position: 4th, Start Position: 5th
“There are some positives to take out of today. Qualifying was formidable for us, though a competition gait was improved today, it was only that we didn’t have lane position. we had a bad start, so we need to see what happened there and afterwards we got sandwiched during Turn 1. we didn’t wish a competition to be over; we was means to keep going and afterwards started to build from there. The automobile felt utterly wily on a options in a initial army and we wondered if we had some repairs from a initial corner, though afterwards when we got a primes a competition came alive for me. We had a bit of fitness with a reserve automobile and we was quicker than Lewis during a end, though it’s a formidable lane to pass here – in Malaysia it would have been a conflicting story. Today was a clever display for us and it was a good day for Red Bull Racing given what we went to bed with final night, we had a bit on, though this was a good comeback. It was a clever start.”


“After a formidable day yesterday, we saw clever liberation races currently from both Sebastian and Mark. After flourishing a initial corner, Sebastian done a unequivocally good pierce on Rosberg and afterwards set about chasing Michael (Schumacher) who went off forward of him. Then he started to tilt in a McLarens and, before a reserve car, was shutting a opening to Lewis. On a second army he went onto a choice tyre, rather than a primary and afterwards a gait automobile came out and we managed to get Seb in, incited around and out only forward of Hamilton. Jenson was only that small bit too quick, generally during a restart, though nonetheless a good liberation for Seb to finish second and be on a podium. For Mark, after removing held adult by Rosberg and Alonso, once he got into giveaway atmosphere he unequivocally got his conduct down and during that indicate was a quickest automobile on a circuit. He went onto a primary tyre, doing a conflicting to Sebastian as he had an additional new set accessible to him from yesterday. Again, a right call underneath a reserve automobile put him out right behind Hamilton and we could see how unfortunate he was in a remaining 10 laps. He attempted all to pass Lewis to be on a lectern here in Australia. Unfortunately, he didn’t utterly make it, though a good liberation to get a double finish in second and fourth.”

“Seb done a unequivocally good start, Mark’s was not so good, though it was a good liberation during a competition and a plain competition from both drivers. The gait was there with high fuel, so it’s a contrition we didn’t validate aloft yesterday. we would also have favourite to have seen Mark on a lectern today, though fourth is a good outcome and Seb was second. We will be behind fortified for a subsequent race.”

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