Infiniti Challenges a Status Quo by Empowering Enthusiasts

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Infiniti Challenges a Status Quo by Empowering Enthusiasts

– New Bold, Competitive Ads to Air Based on Fan Preference –

Infiniti continues to plea conventions by permitting a brand’s legions of enthusiasts to not usually preview new confidant and rival TV spots first, though also name that they cite to run many often.

Today, Infiniti denounced dual new 15-second spots entitled “Lullaby” and “Spa” exclusively on a brand’s Facebook page, central YouTube Channel and Twitter. Introduced to a brand’s fans and supporters first, these new spots resolutely strengthen a oppulance automaker’s standing as a discord to composed luxury.

In “Lullaby,” a initial 15-second spot, Infiniti affirms, “There’s oppulance that lulls, and there’s oppulance that thrills.” Infiniti afterwards reinforces a indicate in a second 15-second mark entitled “Spa” that deftly acknowledges that, “Luxury can be a opiate or a stimulant.” Both spots dramatically illustrate Infiniti’s ongoing joining to pattern oppulance that thrills.

Infiniti is also sensitive fan appearance around a brand’s Facebook page by seeking that mark they cite to have atmosphere many on TV. Infiniti will start rotating these spots on network, wire and mark marketplace TV on Jul 18, and will amplify mark rotations formed on fan welfare by August.

“We trust in revelation constrained stories with an opinion that feels some-more enterprising and confident than normal oppulance brands,” pronounced Infiniti Americas Vice President Ben Poore. “Our commercials are bold, and offer as a commercial of certainty in a ability to pierce a business emotionally as good as physically.”

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Infiniti Product Communications

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