Infiniti Launches National Certified Collision Repair Network

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Infiniti Launches National Certified Collision Repair Network

Infiniti currently launched a new inhabitant Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Network, a dynamic, extensive module designed to commend and heed physique shops that accommodate or surpass standards for correct work, training, apparatus and smoothness of Infiniti patron service. The new acceptance module is open to both Infiniti retailer-owned and eccentric collision shops.

“The purpose of a acceptance module is to yield a resources to assistance safeguard coherence of a correct of Infiniti vehicles on a inhabitant basis,” pronounced Carnie Colliver, comparison manager, Parts and Service, Infiniti Americas. “Each Infiniti owners that comes into these approved comforts presents additional face-to-face opportunities to strengthen a Infiniti Total Ownership Experience.”

The acceptance module will be conducted in and with DuPont Performance Coatings (DPC), that will support in a doing of a program’s acceptance process, and I-CAR, a Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, that will control technician training.

“Facilities that have a eagerness to attend in this module contingency have a joining to grasp aloft standards in a collision correct industry. This module will be a height to prove all aspects of their customers’ automotive use needs,” pronounced Colliver.

Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Facilities will be means to heed their trickery from non-Certified repairers, by an ever expanding selling package including though not singular to:

  • A emporium board acknowledging to business a trickery is a member of a Infiniti Collision Repair Network and famous as assembly a mandate set onward by Infiniti
  • Customer selling materials explaining a advantages of regulating a approved emporium network for repairs and a use of OEM collision tools
  • Exclusive website for Infiniti Certified Collision Repair Facilities to obtain module and technical information
  • Infiniti owners recognition selling beginning
  • Shop locator for owners to code Certified shops in their area

“The major idea is to yield a improved patron knowledge – with an declaration of reserve by a correct routine and trickery standardization, and a financial refuge of a car to assistance minimize discontinued value after collision repairs,” combined Colliver. “Certified network collision correct comforts will broach a veteran attribute unchanging with a Infiniti code – and suffer a combined status of being famous by Infiniti as assembly a difficult bureau standards.”

For some-more information on enrolling hit a Infiniti collision organisation around email at:

About Infiniti
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About I-CAR

Formed by a collision attention in 1979, I-CAR, a Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is an international, not-for-profit training organization. All I-CAR activities and resources concentration on assisting a attention grasp a high turn of technical training. I-CAR is dedicated to improving a quality, safety, and potency of automobile collision correct for a ultimate advantage of consumers.

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