Innovative oppulance – a new BMW i Collection. BMW raises a bar in a lifestyle shred with high-fashion wardrobe and reward accessories done of tolerable resources and recycled materials.

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Munich. With a attainment of a new BMW i3 version
with significantly increasing battery capacity, a BMW Group
demonstrates nonetheless again how top final in peculiarity and pattern on
a one palm and sustainability on a other can element any other
to best effect. This bargain of premium, that is strongly
tangible by sustainability, is also a hallmark of a new
BMW i Collection. High-fashion outfits featuring an innovative brew of
materials and stylish designs as good as intricately crafted leather
products and accessories all take a singular track to consistent a clarity of
shortcoming with reward quality.


Sustainability meets high fashion.

Besides a accumulation of several styles for a sporting look, such as the
Men’s and Women’s Sweatshirt Jackets done from organic cotton, a new
BMW i Collection also for a initial time includes oppulance high-fashion
clothing, whose innovative element combinations and cuts guarantee
facilely stylish looks.


The BMW i Top can be simply total with different
looks interjection to tractable asymmetrical zips during a sides and a
loose cut. The beautifully issuing element that produces a silky,
superb coming is done of cupro and lyocell. These regenerated
fibres are constructed from healthy renewable tender materials by means of
chemical processes.


The same brew of cutting-edge textiles has been used for one of the
highlights of a collection – a BMW i Jumpsuit.
Serving a demeanour that is sporty nonetheless also has an atmosphere of timeless
elegance, a Carbon Grey jumpsuit will always emanate a remarkable
impression. In serve to being done from a soothing element with a
slight sheen, a jumpsuit also offers an independently practical
styling concept: The secluded waistline zip allows a one-piece
outfit to be fast separate into a coupler and a span of trousers –
permitting additional styling possibilities, thereby serve reinforcing
a sustainability credentials.


The BMW i Cardigan is also distant some-more than a name
suggests: a cascade lapel collar with a uneven cut and the
delicately hemmed blue limit join on a inside spin a cardigan into
a stylish choice to a exemplary blazer, with a infrequent elegance.


Ideal for cooler weather, a BMW i Jacket makes a
transparent matter of reward sustainability. Smooth and counterfeit fabric,
constructed from organic cotton, and recycled polyester are effortlessly
total into a worldly design. The backing of both a fitted
women’s chronicle and a men’s brief coupler facilities excellent colour
accents of splendid Electric Blue for a piped band.


‘Carry-On’ Sustainability.

The BMW i Collection serve comprises a array of lush luggage
items, whose pattern and make follow a tolerable approach. The
excellent nappa leather used for a new BMW i Weekend
, for instance, undergoes a high-quality tanning routine –
in line with a latest sustainability standards – during a tannery in
Germany that specialises in tolerable production. These equipment of
luggage are subsequently domestic by master craftsmen during an Italian
leather atelier.


Apart from disdainful materials and pointing workmanship, the
Weekend Bag in Carbon Grey with hand-painted join edges in Electric
Blue comes with several unsentimental features, e.g. an integrated
organiser slot for pens, mobile phones and other tiny items, or a
leather-trimmed middle zip pocket. If we only need adequate space to
store a laptop, though also wish for a singular aesthetic, demeanour no further
than a relating BMW i Leather Bag made of finest
nappa leather.


The BMW i Backpack and BMW i Bag
are done from recycled PET and sustainably constructed leather
and have a some-more organic pattern that creates them ideal for daily use.
Whereas a BMW i Bag can be used as possibly a receptacle bag or a shoulder
bag, a Rucksack simply translates into a holdall with accessible inner
compartments charity copiousness of storage space. Its quilted back
territory takes a cues from a pattern of a BMW i3 seats.


Sustainability for a subsequent generation.

Even a younger ones can learn a fun of sustainability with
BMW i, interjection to a BMW i Interactive Kids’ T-Shirt.
The organic string T-shirt comes with a set of weave pens –
so it can be given an particular colour intrigue – and tiny cardboard
cut-outs of a BMW i3 and BMW i8 to play with.


The above and other products from a BMW i Collection are now
accessible during, as good as from comparison BMW dealers.


Manufacturer’s endorsed sell prices:

BMW i Women’s Top: €150.00

BMW i Women’s Jumpsuit: €280.00

BMW i Women’s Cardigan: €150.00

BMW i Jacket, Women’s and Men’s: €320.00

BMW i Weekend Bag: €690.00

BMW i Leather Bag: €430.00

BMW i Backpack: €120.00

BMW i Bag: €99.00

BMW i Interactive Kids’ T-Shirt: €39.90

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