"inside" – Volkswagen launches International worker magazine

Posted on 14. Dec, 2015 by in Volkswagen Canada

Today, Volkswagen is edition a initial emanate of a new worker repository – “inside”. The magazine, that is to seem online and in a printed version, primarily in German and English, is dictated for a employees of all Volkswagen code plants via a world.

The initial printed emanate was distributed currently during some-more than 30 locations. “inside” will be appearing each 14 days and will yield employees with obvious and extensive information on stream developments in their brand. Another vital concentration will be on general topics.

Topics will be clearly presented with a vast series of large-format information graphics. The innovative pretension page of a printed emanate also provides an visual transition to a online chronicle during http://inside.volkswagen.de. This will benefaction serve information on a articles in a printed chronicle and will be supplemented by present items, photos and films.

The Head of Internal Communications during Volkswagen, Nina Böttger, says: “We wish to serve whet a form of a Volkswagen brand, also within a organization. Open, fast communication with employees is a exigency for a assured team. Our new display with “inside” is a pivotal step in this direction.”

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