Inspired by nature: New physique insurance for BMW employees

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Bionics investigate plan BISS delivers ground-breaking
element concepts

  • Auxetics: Unique healthy insurance decoded and transferred
  • Project goal: Better insurance for BMW Group employees


Munich. Lighter protecting clothing, worse helmets,
some-more fast protectors: New materials with adult to 20-per-cent-better
protecting properties are a outcome of a BISS investigate project
headed by a BMW Group. What is singular is that all advances are based
on designs borrowed from inlet – BISS stands for Bio-Inspired Safety Systems.

The consortium of 7 partners spent 3 years researching and
building choice pattern and element concepts for a bionics
project. The BMW Group worked alongside adidas, ORTEMA, phoenix and
uvex, as good as a Institute of Textile Technology and Process
Engineering Denkendorf, Germany, a Department of Polymer Engineering
during a University of Bayreuth and a Plant Biomechanics Group of the
University of Freiburg, with additional support from partners such as
a association Innovationsmanufaktur in Munich. The German Federal
Ministry for Education and Research subsidised a plan as partial of
a “Technical Textiles for Innovative Applications and Products –
NanoMatTextil” programme.

Models: Pomelo fruit with startle absorbers; beam create
finish protecting system

Biological models like a pomelo fruit advantage from rarely effective
impact protection. So, even when it falls from a high tree, for
example, a fruit does not separate open and a bulb sojourn largely
undamaged. Its peel is also intensely light. Another example: The
beam of fish and many reptiles overlie to emanate a combination system
that stiffens underneath bucket to yield insurance opposite injury.
Alligators’ protecting armour, on a other hand, works in partial by
distributing force to beside scales.

The initial aim of a investigate plan was to analyse a tissue
formation, dungeon structure and functioning of these protection
mechanisms and try their bearing for use in
industrially-manufactured products. From there, a subsequent step was to
labour a analogous twine composites, covering structures and fibre
orientation. The plan afterwards went on to inspect how functions that
had formerly been formidable to reconcile, like “crash protection”,
“penetration resistance” and “damping”, could be total in
innovative protecting systems regulating layering modelled on biological structures.

Up to 20 per cent lighter, tougher, some-more fast materials

The formula now accessible have exceeded expectations: Prototypes
designed from healthy models are adult to 20 per cent lighter, tougher
and some-more fast than materials generally used today. They can be
constructed economically and processed for a dictated purposes. The
high turn of organic potency achieved by biologically-inspired
protecting apparatus also saves material. This not usually creates both
product and prolongation some-more sustainable, though also reduction expensive.

Outlook: Easy-to-wear insurance for BMW workers with

Technology-forecasting experts during a BMW Group trust a most
critical learnings for a association distortion in new approaches for enhanced
worker protection. Gloves and protecting inserts done from bionic
materials, for example, can strengthen workers on a public line from
sharp-edged car-body parts. The low weight, breathable pattern and
coherence of a investigate models meant that transformation is barely
restricted. Other intensity applications embody new forms of
protecting apparatus for motorcyclists. Research models of crash
helmets and protectors charity a same turn of insurance weighed
extremely reduction than required models accessible on a market.

More safety, reduction weight for athletes

Sporting products manufacturers have also identified significant
advantages for their products. As partial of a project, uvex developed
new pattern beliefs formed on biological models and total a new
kind of cushioning element for ski and bicycle helmets. With
cushioning properties 10 to 20-per-cent softened than conventional
materials, this will emanate even safer helmets that surpass safety
requirements. Adidas also believes a investigate opens a doorway to
formulating destiny protecting wardrobe for basketball and football
players, for example. ORTEMA sees vital opportunities for innovative
apparatus for athletes in a findings. Through a growth of
biologically-inspired materials, a manufacturer of special sports
equipment, particular orthotics and high-end protectors for numerous
sports was means to serve urge a protecting facilities of many of
a products and, during a same time, accommodate a high ergonomic demands
for protecting sports gear.

phoenix, a dilettante for product growth regulating 3D information and 3D
printing, also participated in BISS. The use association developed
special prolongation concepts to capacitate products to be manufactured
economically from innovative materials. In complicated manufacturing
processes, generally Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) and rapid
manufacturing, prolongation is tranquil directly regulating 3D product data.

Background: Auxetic materials respond to vigour in surprising ways

The singular protecting properties of biological models radically lie
in their hierarchical design. The peel of a pomelo is one of these
supposed auxetic materials, that responds totally differently to
vigour than required structures: Where required material
gives proceed and becomes thinner underneath a vigour point, auxetic
element compresses and hardens faster. A serve evil of
this atypical stress/strain poise is that a element actually
becomes thicker when stretched, rather than thinner. Within BISS,
researchers have now managed to interpret a singular structure of
auxetic healthy insurance and use newly-developed methods to transfer
it to a structure of foams. This creates it probable to produce
combination textiles with a protecting outcome not formerly achieved.

Project partners in aloft preparation investigate work out basis

These insights are essentially formed on a systematic principles
determined by investigate partners during universities and colleges. As part
of a project, a Department for Polymer Engineering during the
University of Bayreuth worked with a Plant Biomechanics Group
Freiburg to control investigate privately into a origination of auxetic
structures and determine either this judgment could be eliminated to
blurb froth systems done of enamel (PUR). Specific
structure-property relations were also modelled to better
know how a grade of auxetic poise affects a mechanical
impact poise of foams. The formula uncover that acclimatisation of the
froth network from typical to auxetic structures has a certain effect
on a materials’ cushioning properties. The stresses occurring during
application of auxetic enamel in a element are distributed
optimally into formerly unused, surrounding areas regulating a auxetic
effect. In this way, a incomparable volume of a element is concerned in
a appetite fullness compared to typical PUR foams.

The Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV),
that forms partial of a German Institutes for Textile and Fibre
Research, has endless believe in a margin of weave technology
and bionics from a vast series of projects. As partial of a project,
ITV was intensively concerned in growth and pattern for new textile
and froth hybrids. Mesh weaving record was mutated to capacitate the
textiles to withstand a pressures of a foaming routine and, during the
same time, concede finish foam-filling. The specifically blending mesh
fabric, total with a foam, softened properties by scarcely 25 per cent.

The Plant Biomechanics Group during a University of Freiburg has been
conducting investigate in a margin of biomechanics and functional
morphology of plants for some-more than 15 years. The operative organisation belongs
to a Baden-Württemberg Competence Network Biomimetics and has been
focusing for a past 6 years on biologically-inspired crash
protection, with a aim of utilizing fibre-reinforced steel foams.
Experience from this investigate was common and polished in a BISS
project, permitting expertise to be successfully eliminated to
biologically-inspired polymer materials and element systems.

Innovationsmanufaktur GmbH, formed in Munich, supports a research
plan as an compared partner. For a BISS project, that needed
to determine a different interests of attention and research, they
supposing a holistic proceed for plan and creation management.

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