Integrity debate launched: Volkswagen Group is heightening bargain of control formed on firmness and values

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The Volkswagen Group rolled out a commander debate to encourage a enlightenment of firmness during a works assembly during a Wolfsburg plant. Starting with a Volkswagen brand, a beginning will be taken adult gradually by a other brands with their possess campaigns. Dr. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt, Group Board Member for Integrity and Legal Affairs, commented: “Integrity is expected, fostered and respected in a Volkswagen Group. Our commander campaign, that starts with a Volkswagen brand, sharpens bargain and recognition of firmness and values-based conduct.”

“Integrity is a substructure for any modern, pure and successful company. Clear, convincing values that yield course for all employees are a exigency for business success and a good, tolerable future.” The Volkswagen Group has grown a possess firmness debate spearheaded by Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt with a perspective to anchoring control formed on firmness and values even some-more strongly as partial of a corporate culture; this debate is now being rolled out during a Wolfsburg plant.

“It is critical that employees know what working with firmness means for a success of a company. This debate is also about formulating a new, crook bargain and recognition of firmness and correspondence and anchoring this resolutely in a corporate culture”, Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt said, adding: “Everyone, quite management, is called on to rivet in a initiative. We will usually be successful if a managers act as purpose models for firmness and values-oriented care and set an instance for their teams.”

Pilot campaign: What should firmness meant during Volkswagen?

The debate invites all employees during a Wolfsburg plant to simulate in abyss on what firmness means. The debate comprises several phases designed to gradually deliver a theme to everybody during a plant.

“First of all, it was critical to daydream a judgment of integrity, to kindle employees for a theme and kindle their curiosity. To that end, we put adult posters with several slogans all over a Wolfsburg plant and used a monitors in a prolongation halls and a buses”, Claudia Sutter, who heads a firmness government project, explained. “The plan was strictly launched during a works meeting. Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt explained a beginning to a far-reaching assembly and speedy them to take part.”

The successive step focuses on information about firmness and on discussion. In further to coverage of a theme in inner media, there will also be approach dialog in a form of chats. The sounding house module will get underway (this tenure has a start in a universe of song and refers to a sound house in a piano used to amplify a sound done by a moving strings. The firmness ambassadors will have a identical amplifying effect). Managers and employees are speedy to turn firmness ambassadors. As a indicate of hit in their departments they form a couple between a Board’s firmness government group and a workforce, play a pivotal purpose in a change process, and promulgate certain examples of working with integrity.

Feedback from employees is a really critical underline of a successive phase, that highlights where firmness is indispensable or where it is underneath threat. “The designed debate stairs are designed to uncover everybody what firmness and values-oriented control meant for any worker and that they are a substructure for all business success”, Claudia Sutter says: “That can usually work if as many employees as probable rivet in a contention and plan of common running beliefs for control within a company. At a finish of a day, firmness should turn second inlet in an atmosphere characterized by security, openness, trust, honour and fairness.”

Integrity: Cornerstone of a Group plan ‘TOGETHER – STRATEGY 2025’

Integrity and a Code of Cooperation that defines how employees work together in partnership in a Volkswagen Group, are also a elemental component of a Group plan ‘TOGETHER – Strategy 2025’. “Behaving with firmness is an critical post of a new Group strategy”, Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt commented: “Particularly in light of a unpleasant practice of a final twelve months it is critical for us to strengthen and enhance firmness management.”

Against this backdrop, a debate to encourage a enlightenment of firmness is to be adopted by a other brands in a Volkswagen Group as well. Each code is to have a possess particular debate to lift recognition of a significance of firmness among employees. “We would like to see a brands building on a knowledge gained from a commander plan in Wolfsburg”, Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt concluded.

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