Intelligent assistants: New auxiliary drudge facilitates prolongation of approach change transmissions during Vrchlabí

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• Facilitating production: Robot creation gearbox prolongation easier
• A initial for ŠKODA: People and robots understanding with prolongation tasks together
• Growth: Capacity during Vrchlabí increases to 2000 gearboxes a day

Modern direct-shift prolongation (DQ 200) during a ŠKODA Vrchlabí plant has perceived an intelligent assistant: An innovative lightweight drudge is now helping employees in a ‘gear actuator piston insertion’ prolongation step. This is a initial time that ŠKODA prolongation employees will be operative alongside robots on high-precision tasks.

​Inserting a rigging actuator piston, that is now upheld by a new robot, is one of a many ethereal processes in delivery manufacturing. Employees in Vrchlabí can now perform this prolongation step some-more precisely and safely regulating a KUKA lightweight drudge LBR iiwa (Intelligent Industrial Work Assistant). Thanks to a technical inventiveness and low weight of usually 23.9 kilograms, a LBR is both accurate and flexible.

“The new lightweight drudge is a useful and useful creation in a delivery prolongation during Vrchlabí,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, ŠKODA Board Member for Production. “The drudge creates what was once a difficult prolongation step for a employees significantly easier and safer. We are creation strides in a digitisation of a production. By regulating a new lightweight robot, a Vrchlabí site is apropos significantly some-more interlinked.”

The drudge inserts a rigging actuator pistons with a top pointing interjection to rarely supportive sensors on any of a 7 axes. The sensors register any probable hit with an employee, so always ensuring limit safety.

The new lightweight drudge has been introduced as partial of a ongoing modernization of ŠKODA’s Vrchlabí plant. This is where a manufacturer has been producing a innovative seven-speed approach change gearbox DQ 200, that is used in ŠKODA vehicles as good as other brands in a Volkswagen Group, given 2012. In partnership with a Volkswagen Group, ŠKODA has invested around 220 million euros into internal DSG prolongation to date.

ŠKODA is now expanding a prolongation ability during a location. By Mar 2016, a daily prolongation volume will have increasing from 1500 to 2000 DQ 200 transmissions. The carmaker will be investing 25 million euros to grasp this target. In 2014, a prolongation ability had already increasing from 1000 to 1500 DSG transmissions a day.

To date, approximately 910,000 DQ 200 gearboxes have been constructed during a site. Around 1000 people are employed in gearbox prolongation during Vrchlabí, creation ŠKODA one of a largest and many critical employers in a region.

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