Intensive weekend for Audi during DTM opener

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The DTM Festival during Hockenheim will be a initial unsentimental exam for a new weekend format with races scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. “We’re charity fans a double sip of movement this year,” says Dieter Gass, Head of DTM during Audi Sport. In further to a DTM, motorsport fans can demeanour brazen to a new Audi Sport TT Cup celebrating a universe entrance during Hockenheim – with races on Saturday and Sunday as well. Last though not least, a FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) will be visiting Hockenheim for a initial time. Three Audi highwayman teams will be on a grid with their near-600-hp Supercars. A ancillary module featuring designation sessions, attempt shows, parties and concerts  has been organised to ideal a weekend.

“For Audi fans, Hockenheim will quite be value a revisit this year,” Dieter Gass is convinced. “We’re dynamic to collect adult in racing where we left off on clinching a DTM manufacturers’ pretension with a one-two-three outcome in final year’s finale.”

A sum of 8 Audi RS 5 DTM cars will be on a Hockenheim grid on a initial weekend in May. The record has remained scarcely unvaried due to a solidify imposed by a regulations on a current-specification cars.  Still, a 3 manufacturers intensively worked on notation sum final winter. “The path times set in a tests aren’t unequivocally conclusive,” says Gass. “The usually thing we can do is review your possess information with final year’s and rest on a work finished in winter. We’re assured formed on what we’ve seen so far. But we won’t see a genuine design until Hockenheim.”

The Audi drivers are vehement about a stirring deteriorate opener as well. “ we unequivocally demeanour brazen to a Saturday during Hockenheim and a initial subordinate event any year,” says a Swede Mattias Ekström, who won a final competition in 2014 and is one of a 3 DTM Champions to conflict for pretension honors for Audi in 2015. “Hockenheim with a DTM, TT Cup and Rallycross on a singular weekend is a singular event this year and as a fan I’d be certain not to skip out on it,” Ekström adds.  

Due to a endless module a philharmonic will start on Thursday with giveaway use sessions scheduled for a drivers of a Audi Sport TT Cup and a World Rallycross Championship. The initial tour of a 8 Audi RS 5 DTM cars will be on Friday morning. The unequivocally critical partial will start for a Audi Sport DTM patrol on Saturday when events are going to follow any other in discerning succession: giveaway use during 9.00, subordinate during 12.00 and a start of a initial competition during 14.48. The report on Sunday is likewise dense: warm-up during 9.00, subordinate during 10.35, competition 2 during 13.43.

Both races live on ‘Das Erste’ live video interviews on Periscope

Tickets for a DTM Festival during Hockenheim can be systematic online during ARD will be airing live broadcasts on ‘Das Erste’ (Saturday starting during 14.30, Sunday starting 13.20 – internal time). Live coverage of a races will be supposing by countless TV channels around a creation as well, or it can be watched on a DTM’s YouTube channel. Audi Sport will be charity a new use during a DTM deteriorate opener. Following a giveaway use and subordinate sessions and a dual races, there will be live video interviews with Audi drivers on a new Social Media height Periscope.

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