Interruptions in prolongation mostly cushioned by inner flexibilization measures

Posted on 26. Aug, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada


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• Short-time work during 5 plants not required

Following a agreement reached with dual suppliers, Volkswagen can significantly revoke a effects of interruptions in prolongation and for a many partial recompense for downtimes by means of inner flexibilization measures.

The association had primarily done precautionary arrangements for flexibilization measures during 6 plants and had not ruled out short-time work. Thanks to a quick lapse to normal production, short-time work during a 5 plants in Wolfsburg, Zwickau, Kassel, Salzgitter and Braunschweig is not required.

The influenced sections during a Kassel and Salzgitter plants resumed normal prolongation immediately. This was done probable by flexibilization measures identical to those also deployed during a influenced territory of a Braunschweig plant.

The car prolongation plants in Wolfsburg, Zwickau and Emden also began complete preparations to lapse to full prolongation as shortly as probable immediately following a agreement. Consequently, accede for short-time work was usually sought for a Emden plant, while inner measures were used to overpass interruptions in Wolfsburg and Zwickau.

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