Interview with Augusto Farfus: “Changing teams allows we to keep learning, that can usually be positive.”

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Munich (DE), 6th May 2016. When a new DTM deteriorate starts in
Hockenheim (DE) on 7th May, Bruno Spengler (CA), Marco Wittmann (DE),
António Félix da Costa (PT), Timo Glock (DE), Augusto Farfus (BR), Tom
Blomqvist (GB), Maxime Martin (BE) and Martin Tomczyk (DE) will be
representing BMW Motorsport in a cockpits of a 8 BMW M4 DTM
cars. In a rave to a new season, we will be interviewing each
of a BMW DTM drivers.

Augusto Farfus, BMW Team MTEK, #18 Shell BMW M4 DTM.

Your 2016 DTM deteriorate started with a switch to a new group –
and also by observant your goodbyes. What were your 3 most
noted moments in BMW Team RBM?

Augusto Farfus: “The initial thing we consider of is my initial win, in
Valencia in 2012. Then there is a unequivocally initial DTM competition in Hockenheim
in 2012, when we started a deteriorate yet even unequivocally meaningful what
a DTM is unequivocally like. For series three, we would contend it’s my
attribute with a team, as we common so many illusory moments,
both on and off a track. A genuine loyalty has grown between me,
Bart Mampaey and a all a other members of a team.”

After operative together for such a prolonged time, does a race
group turn a bit like your family?

Farfus: “Of course, essentially since we had already driven with Bart
and BMW in a WTCC, and afterwards followed a group from a WTCC to the
DTM. We helped any other out then. we was usually as new to a DTM as
Bart, and we built a group adult together, like a genuine family – and not
usually with Bart, yet with all a mechanics too.”

Now we are relocating to a new family with BMW Team MTEK. What do
we wish to grasp with group principal Ernest Knoors and your new
team-mate Bruno Spengler?

Farfus: “First of all, a lot of wins. This is a unequivocally professional
team, as are all a BMW teams. At a top level, any group has a
opposite proceed and a opposite approach of putting a weekend together.
we am feeling unequivocally encouraged and trust that changing teams allows you
to keep learning, that can usually be positive. we am now in a group with
Bruno, one of a best and many gifted drivers in a whole DTM. I
can review myself to him, and a group worked unequivocally good together last
year. That’s because we trust that we can have a unequivocally good deteriorate together.“

You got to know Bruno as a team-mate during a 24 Hours of
Daytona, where we also common a car. How would we report him?

Farfus: “I consider we worked unequivocally good together on dual occasions at
Daytona, and also in a DTM when we were chasing a pretension in the
final competition during Hockenheim in 2012. We both have a biggest honour for
one another, while a pushing styles are somewhat opposite and we
make somewhat opposite final of a car. But that is a good thing,
as it expands a team’s horizons.”

You are famous around a lane as a unequivocally receptive person,
who gets on with everybody. Does that assistance we to fit in to a new team?

Farfus: “I usually adore what we do. Being in a good mood during a lane and
within your group creates it easy, generally if we suffer working
closely with other people. When we came to MTEK for a initial time, I
already knew a lot of a people from contrast for BMW, for example.
Working with them now is something novel, yet not totally new. That
all creates it easier.”

What is a pivotal for we to have a improved DTM deteriorate in 2016
than in a past dual years?

Farfus: “Experience, we think. The submit supposing by a new group can
also be critical and useful. We will work together good during the
weekends. we can also take some of my knowledge of operative with Bart
Mampaey, and supplement this to a knowledge during MTEK. We wish that a car
will be unequivocally competitive. Now we have to make certain that we make the
many of it.”

In further to a DTM, we are also scheming for a 24-hour
competition during a Nürburgring. Do we suffer pushing on a Nordschleife in
a BMW M6 GT3?

Farfus: “The some-more competition cars we can drive, a happier we am. Having the
event to expostulate several cars for several teams, underneath all sorts
of conditions, is what stimulates me. In a GT area, we have to
share a automobile with other drivers, and we competence not always have the
automobile set adult accurately as we would like it. You have to accept
compromises, yet that is a plea that we love. That helps to
urge my skills and creates me a improved driver.”

You have already competed in some continuation races for BMW. Is
there one competition that we remember in particular?

Farfus: “The feat during a Nürburgring in 2010 with a totally new
car. We won a initial 24-hour competition on a Nordschleife. It would be
good to repeat that with a BMW M6 GT3.”

What did we get adult to during a winter, and where did we go?

Farfus: “We were in Brazil for Christmas, that is normal for us. It
will be a slightest time for a while though, as Victoria is going to
propagandize now so we will have to adjust my report to take that into
account. Sadly, we also mourned a good detriment as my wife’s father
upheld away. That was a startle for us all, yet detached from that we had a
poetic time with a family and we competed in a batch automobile competition with
Rubens Barrichello.”

You seem to have a good attribute with Rubens …

Farfus: “Oh yes, definitely. We are good friends. That was a second
time that we have common a automobile with him. we claimed stick position in
subordinate for a guest drivers and he cumulative a starting position of
second for a race. Unfortunately, a competition itself did not go so
uniformly yet it was a good experience. We know one another from his
time in Europe as we met mostly during racetracks and during other events. We
met adult some-more mostly after that in a USA. My mother Liri knows his wife
Silvana well, we know his boys, and we have a good attribute away
from a racetrack.”

There are a lot of Brazilian racing drivers. Do we feel that
we are a tiny community, and do we spend time with one another?

Farfus: “Yes, even yet we all have unequivocally bustling schedules. Sometimes
we do conduct to accommodate adult – like during Felipe Massa’s birthday, that we
all distinguished together. We accommodate adult here from time to time, that is
good yet it is formidable to do that regularly. You do accommodate other
drivers in Monaco. Jamie Green takes his son to a same propagandize as
Victoria, and Mika Häkkinen’s daughter is there too. She is in the
same category as Victoria and is one of her best friends, who comes to
a residence to play.”

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