Interview with Berthold Hauser: Comprehensive support and successful BMW S 1000 RR customers.

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Munich (DE), 16th Sep 2016. The 2016 deteriorate has entered the
finishing true for Berthold Hauser, Technical Director during BMW
Motorrad Motorsport, and his engineers. The group of experts from
Munich support racing business around a world, who run a BMW S
1000 RR in a far-reaching operation of inhabitant and general championships –
like a MOTUL FIM World Superbike Championship, a FIM Endurance
World Championship, a FIM Sidecar World Championship (BMW racers
contest on machines powered by BMW S 1000 RR engines), a FIM CEV
Superbike European Championship, a British Superbike Championship,
a Superbike IDM International German Championship and in numerous
inhabitant championships on 6 continents.


This endless support has proven to be successful: in a 20 racing
array that count towards a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, BMW customer
teams have already claimed 71 competition wins and a sum of 213 podium
finishes this season. They have already cumulative a pretension in two
championships: Jordan Szoke (CA) shielded his pretension in a Canadian
Superbike Championship, while Michal Prášek (CZ) defended his climax in
a Superstock category of a Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship. BMW
riders also tip a altogether standings in countless other championships,
including a FIM Superstock 1000 Cup, a Superstock category of the
British Superbike Championship, and a International Road Racing
Championship. Furthermore, BMW racers have also enjoyed success at
prestigious highway racing events: BMW riders Ian Hutchinson (GB) and
Michael Dunlop (GB) have battled it out for feat during a North West
200, Isle of Man Tourist Trophy, Southern 100 and a Ulster Grand
Prix, sourroundings a horde of new annals in a process.


In an interview, Hauser discusses BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s extensive
patron racing programme and looks behind during a deteriorate so far.



What are a objectives of BMW Motorrad Motorsport’s customer
racing programme?


Berthold Hauser: “Our idea is to yield a business with support
tailored to their particular regulations, that can mostly differ
dramatically. We also support them in a areas in that specific
modifications are required. We are there to support BMW Motorrad racers
all over a world. The idea is for a business to suffer racing with
a RR, and for them to be rival in their particular classes and
racing series.”


Your dialect is a interface between a racing and
prolongation growth departments during BMW Motorrad. How does the
record send work, and how critical is it?

Hauser: “The racing and prolongation growth departments are
closely interlinked and are jointly dependent. Our knowledge gained
during a racetrack is incorporated in a serve growth and new
growth of a prolongation bike. That, in turn, forms a basement for
a racing activities of a customers. Because of this, it is
something of a loop: we minister to an optimal growth of the
prolongation bike, and can so offer a business a rival basis
for analogous racing modifications. Therefore, a fact that we
are integrated organisationally in a growth and are in direct
discourse with a several departments is unequivocally important. We also
minister to peculiarity assurance, as a stresses and strains placed on
a bikes during a racetrack make it a best exam sourroundings for BMW
Motorrad’s serve developments and new developments.”


2016 has been a unequivocally successful deteriorate so far. Does this
endorse a vital instruction of a patron racing programme?


Hauser: “Absolutely. These formula endorse that a strategic
instruction is a right one. Our business are winning in numerous
opposite championships worldwide. This, in turn, leads to a fact
that we are constantly appropriation new customers, who have seen that
they have a good possibility of achieving success with a multiple of
a BMW S 1000 RR and a support of BMW Motorrad Motorsport. The
success of a plan is also due to a tighten attribute to our
customers. They know that we are means to support for a individual
needs of a riders, and a business regularly endorse that they
are happy.”


How many patron teams are we ancillary this season?


Hauser: “If we supplement them all adult – from a teams we work with during the
racetrack to those we are in hit with around E-mail support – we come
to good over 200. That array is augmenting continuously, as a word
apparently gets around a paddocks that we always get a response and
support during BMW. Therefore, we are saying an ever-increasing array of
patron teams branch to us.”


What is a categorical concentration of your work?


Hauser: “There are dual categorical focusses for us. On a one hand, we have
to rise concept solutions, that are elementary to exercise for as
many business as possible, regardless of a several final of their
particular racing series. On a other hand, a teams apparently also
have a lot of unequivocally particular and specific issues and requests. In
this case, we are means to assistance with solutions tailored precisely to
a emanate in hand. For us, a many critical thing is for people to
suffer roving a bike, that they feel comfortable, and that they know
they are not alone if they are struggling to make swell with
technical queries. A racing motorcycle is a highly-complex system,
that also has to be mobile and docile underneath a mandate of
motorsport, that are mostly unequivocally specific.”


How do we support a customers?


Hauser: “As BMW S 1000 RR experts, we are charged with ancillary our
business with any issues that might arise. This support can be provided
in a array of ways, from E-mail to on-site support during a racetrack.
Then there is also a remote support, that sees a experts
connected directly online to a bike during a racetrack, permitting them
to accept data, analyse it and send behind new set-up solutions. As you
can see, there are many probable kinds of support.”


What has been a biggest plea for we so distant this season?


Hauser: “There is not unequivocally a ‘biggest challenge’ in that sense, but
we have to contend that a perfect array of queries we accept is a big
plea in itself. Then we have a complexity of a different
mandate and issues a business have – from a tip tier, such
as a World Superbike Championship, to pledge racing. It is a huge
balancing act to cope with all these mandate and prove every
patron request. This vast array and different operation of tasks
represents a consistent challenge. We work good everywhere and live up
to a teams’ expectations. The fact that we have been successful in
this courtesy is shown by a illusory formula achieved by our
business – from a success during a Isle of Man Tourist Trophy to the
many competition wins and podiums in inhabitant array and even during pledge level.”


What are your hopes for a rest of a season?


Hauser: “We apparently wish to see copiousness some-more success. However, the
many critical thing for us is that a guys – from tip pro to amateur
– continue to have good fun on a RR.”



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