IRRC champion Vincent Lonbois: “The pretension is a prerogative for all the efforts.”

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Munich (DE), 27th Oct 2016. It was a shining 2016 deteriorate for
Vincent Lonbois (BE) in a International Road Racing Championship
(IRRC), crowned by a pretension win during a culmination in Frohburg (DE). It
was usually his second year in a closely fought series, though a dream
start with winning a initial 4 races done a 26-year aged the
favourite for a large title. He stayed in front of a overall
standings for a whole season. Lonbois finished each confront on
a podium. In a 12 races hold this season, he distinguished eight
wins, dual second and dual third places on his Herpigny Motors BMW
Motorrad Belux BMW S 1000 RR.


Lonbois, who works in a family owned bakery when not racing, joined
a organisation for a 2015 season. That year, he won a titles in the
inhabitant Superbike championships in Belgium and Holland as good as in
a BeNeCup, while during a same time removing proficient with a road
circuits in a IRRC. He totally focused on one goal: to be the
IRRC champion in 2016. Now he has achieved this mission. Lonbois
was crowned champion in a array dominated by BMW S 1000 RR riders,
who took a tip 3 places in a championship standings. Second
place went to Lonbois’ team-mate and 2015 champion Sébastien Le Grelle
(BE), Didier Grams (DE / GG Motorsport) finished a deteriorate third overall.


In an interview, Lonbois speaks about a tip of his success, the
mastery of a RR in a series, a mindfulness of highway racing and
a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, in that he now binds second place.



Congratulations Vincent for winning a pretension in a 2016
International Road Racing Championship. You used 2015 as a learning
year and it was your thought to be champion this year. What does this
pretension meant to you?


Vincent Lonbois: “We worked unequivocally tough to get good formula and the
pretension is a prerogative for all a efforts. The organisation and we are unequivocally happy
to have won this championship.”


What is a tip of your success?


Lonbois: “It is indeed tough work, total with determination. And
we can count on a unequivocally good team.”


You and a other BMW riders dominated a deteriorate in a IRRC.
You are champion, your team-mate Sébastien Le Grelle is second
altogether and Didier Grams is third in a championship. How did this
mastery come about?


Lonbois: “The BMW S 1000 RR is a unequivocally good bike – substantially one of the
best! And we – like Didier Grams – are operative tough to be as efficient
as possible.”


What is so special about highway racing? What creates it so
sparkling for we as a rider?


Lonbois: “In highway racing we have many fans and supporters, and the
illusory thing is that we have a unequivocally tighten attribute with
them, it is like a outrageous organisation of friends. As a rider, we can’t afford
any mistakes, since an collision can mostly have critical consequences.
we consider it is a adrenaline that attracts me!”


What is your strength as a rider?


Lonbois: “I am unequivocally dynamic and we consider this is because we reached this
high turn in racing so quickly. we had never ridden a motorcycle until
we was 15, and afterwards we worked unequivocally tough to strech a good turn and be competitive.”


You are in a tip positions of a BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.
How do we like a judgment of this worldwide foe that
unites BMW racers from all continents and so many opposite championships?


Lonbois: “I consider this foe is a unequivocally good thought to motivate
riders to be even some-more successful and grasp good results. And the
esteem income is for certain a large assistance for a subsequent season.”


What are your targets for subsequent season?


Lonbois: “My aim is to contest in a Superbike IDM and to win the
pretension there.”

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