It is bullion again for Alessandro Zanardi: Italian inhabitant handbike group wins a group send during a Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games*.

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Rio de Janeiro (BR), 16th Sep 2016. Alessandro Zanardi (IT)
combined another bullion award to his collection of para-cycling successes:
On Friday, he won a handbike team-relay during a Rio de Janeiro
Paralympic Games* (BR) with a Italian inhabitant team. Zanardi and his
team-mates, Vittorio Podesta (IT) and Luca Mazzone (IT), took an early
lead and after 32 mins and 34 seconds Zanardi crossed a finish
line – already celebrating in a final metres. He had a clear
advantage of 47 seconds over a US team, who cumulative a silver
medal, notwithstanding a fact that on his final path he had to overcome an
astonishing barrier – a dog. Bronze went to Belgium.


For Zanardi, a team-relay noted a shining finish to successful
days in Rio. Three races in 3 days, dual bullion medals and one silver
medal: this is his haul. On Wednesday, a 49-year aged won a time
hearing in a handbike H5 category, on Thursday he finished second in
a highway competition in this category, and now he has triumphed with the
inhabitant group in a group relay. In total, Zanardi has now won six
Paralympic* medals: 4 bullion and dual silver.


“Today was a final day of my Brazilian Paralympic tour and to end
it that approach with my team, with my mates, was unequivocally special. Because
pity creates a fun even greater,” pronounced Zanardi. “We had an amazing
performance, all 3 of us, and we literally dominated a team
relay, violence a United States with a large advantage. The race
started unequivocally good with Vittorio pulling out a opening immediately and
afterwards Luca extended that opening even further. Then it was my turn, and I
had so many will to do good with it being a final day of a journey.
we did a unequivocally good opening and extended a advantage to over 40
seconds. But afterwards on my final path we encountered a biggest risk of
a day: A large dog crossed a highway usually turn a corner, that was
utterly blind. we did not strike a dog, though we had to slap it with one of
my hands to get it out of a way. It was flattering humorous since that
would have been a usually approach we could have mislaid it, clever as we were.”


“To move home another bullion award is unequivocally special and we are going to
applaud tonight,” Zanardi added. “We are unequivocally unapproachable of a win and I
am privately unequivocally unapproachable of a dual bullion medals and a china award I
am holding home. Because of this, we equalled a outcome we had four
years ago in London. Being means to be in this position in annoy of my
age is something unequivocally special. we have to acknowledge that we was a bit lucky
to win a time hearing by usually dual seconds. You can’t contend that we was
clearly improved – though we was a bit luckier, and during my age that was quite
an achievement. Looking behind on a highway race: in another conditions I
could have won it, though we have to contend that maybe we was not completely
a Zanardi we have been on other days. But we managed to finish second
and to kick illusory athletes, unequivocally dynamic and many younger than
me. In a group send we put together a unequivocally plain performance, as
together as a group we were in a widespread form. To win another gold
award is a unequivocally best approach to finish this sparkling Brazilian adventure
for a 3 of us. we am going home unequivocally happy and am unequivocally grateful
to everybody who upheld me on this journey.”


Zanardi is one of a many successful para-cyclists worldwide. In
further to his 6 Paralympic* medals he has also won 8 world
championship titles.



BMW is not a unite or partner of a 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio
de Janeiro.


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