It’s a Beetle family reunion—and you’re invited. Journalists intersect on Berlin for a Beetle International Drive

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You know how it is for famous families—always ducking a paparazzi. It’s no opposite for a Beetle brood, though they’ve motionless to acquire a press with open arms. The Beetle International Drive offers automotive reporters a singular opportunity: dual days in Berlin with a all-new 2012 Beetle. But a newest member of a Beetle family is not a usually captivate during a event, that begins, appropriately, on a Boulevard of Stars in Potsdamer Platz before relocating to a specifically assembled Beetle Center (more on that later.) Select reporters will also have an eventuality to expostulate a span of automotive legends: a 1951 Volkswagen Type 1 and a 2003 Final Edition Beetle.

The eventuality offers a automotive press an at-a-glance Beetle family mural that clearly shows how a newest member of a Beetle bloodline carries on a tradition of automotive excellence—and some-more importantly, of pushing fun. Other Beetles on arrangement embody a 1973 Super Beetle, a 2000 Beetle RS and Herbie, a Bug that loves we back.

When we demeanour during a 2012 Beetle alongside a ancestors, a family similarity is easy to spot, from a iconic pattern cues and interior facilities to a eager (read: fun) pushing character. This is a Beetle’s Beetle, one that acknowledges a abounding heritage, though also redefines what a Beetle can be by 21st century power, reserve and convenience.

Over a subsequent few days, we’ll palm over a keys to a experts and see what they have to say. Stay tuned for photos, blog posts, video and more.

Tell us: that Beetle is your favorite?

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