Ford has partnered with 3 fantastic bloggers for a #FiestaMoments campaign to applaud a attainment of a 2014 Fiesta. #FiestaMoments are special occasions in bland life that make us happy … like when we’re pushing a Fiesta!

Last week we saw a video featuring Valerie, and now it’s Jen’s time to shine! Jen was a ideal envoy for a Fiesta since she is connected, versatile and unequivocally charming! Her video proves this. Trust me. 

See how Jen incited a Fiesta into a time appurtenance regulating a ambient lights and, of course, a SYNC module to set a song behind to a 1990s. In her time machine, she took us to 3 of her favourite places when she was a teen (including where she schooled to drive!): Rose and Sons, her tip park and a Republic of Rathnelly.

Is there a place we remember from your girl that we would wish to revisit? Let us know in a comments!