Journeys by time and anniversaries: BMW Group Classic during Techno Classica 2016.

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Munich / Essen. Techno Classica 2016 is a world’s
biggest dilettante muster of a kind, and it once again offers
visitors a singular overview of a product operation supposing by vehicle
manufacturers, dilettante suppliers, dealers and collectors who are
dedicated to preserving automobile history. This year, a mount of BMW
Group Classic in Hall 12 of Essen’s muster formidable provides a
examination of a story of mobility over an whole century. Visitors to
Techno Classica from 6 to 10 Apr 2016 will see an extraordinary
array of milestones from all a eras of automobile, motorcycle and
aero-engine construction to applaud a anniversary of a company.

The preference of ancestral vehicles fabricated by BMW Group Classic
together with a BMW and Mini Clubs includes dozens of highlights.
The exhibits ring a 1930s with a BMW 326 convertible, a BMW
502 “Barockengell” from a post-war era, a tavern in a “New Class”
and a BMW M1, right by to a forward-looking, unconventional BMW i8
sports car. A splendid spotlight will tumble on a models in a BMW 02
Series, that is celebrating a 50th birthday this year. The
muster salutes a story of a brands MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW
Motorrad with some really appealing exhibits. An envoy of a first
products to bear a BMW trademark literally floats over a exhibition
area: a Klemm L25 light aircraft, that was powered by a BMW
five-cylinder radial engine. BMW Group Classic consecrated a complete
replacement of a appurtenance assembled in 1927, and it is regarded as
a oldest protected aircraft in Germany.


Outlook: The activities in a anniversary year of a BMW
Group and a Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2016.

100 years of a company’s existence is a executive concentration for the
press discussion of BMW Group Classic on “Happy View Day” to launch
Techno Classica. On Wednesday 6 Apr starting during 3 p.m., journalists
will be introduced to a many critical classical vehicles being
exhibited on a stand, and they will also be given a round-up of the
BMW Group’s activities during a centenary year.

The BMW Group also emphasises a joining in a area of
automobile and motorcycle story as a organiser of a heritage
Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. During a press discussion hold at
Techno Classica, a Head of BMW Group Classic, Ulrich Knieps, and the
Managing Director Villa d’Este Hotels, Danilo Zucchetti, presented the
programme of events for a latest book of a beauty competition
for ancestral automobiles and motorcycles. This will be hold on the
shores of Lake Como in Northern Italy and it invites visitors to go on
an disdainful tour by time from 20 to 22 May 2016 underneath the
aphorism of “Back to a Future – a Journey continues”. The incumbent
winning automobile from a Corcorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este is also
being shown during a mount of BMW Group Classic in Essen as an
considerable testimony to a renowned margin of participants. The
Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Spider Zagato from a year 1932 warranted a award
of “Best of Show” with a Trofeo BMW Group final year, and it is
positively one of a many profitable vehicles presented during a Techno
Classica 2016.


Anniversary of a 02 Series: 50 years of perfect driving
pleasure in a compress two-door vehicle.

The centenary of a company’s existence is in a foreground, but
this year also outlines a 50th birthday of BMW in 1966. The anniversary
behind thereafter supposing an arise for presenting a BMW 1600. This
automobile laid a substructure mill for a array subsequently
designated as a BMW 02. The new indication was a dream designed for
business with sporting ambitions. The multiple of a compact
two-door notchback physique with engine and framework record proven in
a four-door saloons of a “New Class” combined a ideal enablers
for doing that was as flexible as it was safe. The BMW 02 immediately
soared to turn a summary of a ultimate pushing machine. This
aura was serve extended as a years went by since a available
energy was increasing by upgrades in a operation of engines granted from
a strange 85 hp in a BMW 1600, by 100 hp in a BMW 2002 and
130 hp in a BMW 2002 tii, adult to 170 hp in a BMW 2002 turbo.

In 1973, a flagship chronicle was a initial European series
automobile to be powered by an engine with a turbocharger, and an
instance of this automobile is being shown during Techno Classica 2016 alongside a
BMW 1600 convertible, a BMW 2002tii furloughed and a convene chronicle of the
BMW 2002 TI. And dual other exhibits are positively essential if one is
to conclude a surpassing stress of a series: a automobile from
a initial era of a BMW 3 Series as a inheritor to a BMW
02 from 1975, and a BMW M2, that continued a tradition of sheer
pushing pleasure in a compress pattern with contemporary aptitude and
appealing intensity.


Fascinating eyewitnesses from a story of BMW Motorrad,
MINI and Rolls-Royce.

The brands BMW Motorrad, MINI and Rolls-Royce are also partial of the
BMW Group and they are contributing to a centenary year of the
association with fascinating episodes from their history. Visitors to
Techno Classica are means to suffer profitable and singular motorcycles from
a early days of motorcycle production. A BMW R 67/2 from a 1950s
prepared for a International Six Days Trial recalls legendary
motor-sport successes on dual wheels, as does an instance of the
successful BMW R 80 G/S that won a Paris-Dakar Rally 4 times
during a 1980s.

Sporting successes are also a concentration of courtesy when we demeanour back
during a story of a MINI brand. Additionally, a exhibits
denote that alfresco pushing fun in a impression of a British
code also has a prolonged tradition. A MINI Convertible from a latest
era epitomises this suggestion and it is presented side by side
with a precursors, that are now roughly a entertain of a century old.
At a commencement of a 1990s, a German association Lamm launched an
open-top chronicle of a tiny car, and a Rover Group obliged for
a code in a United Kingdom followed fit shortly afterwards.

Two automobiles are means to benefaction a quintessential hint of the
Rolls-Royce brand. Each of them embodies in their possess matchless way
a judgment of “strive for perfection”: a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost
from 1923 and a Rolls-Royce Ghost from a stream prolongation facility
in Goodwood. The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost was creatively given the
indication nomination of 40/50 hp and was built from 1907 to 1925. The
automobile shown in Essen was styled with a roadster physique built by
American coachbuilder Packard and it is powered by an 80 hp
six-cylinder engine. Right from a start, a Rolls-Royce Silver
Ghost enjoyed a repute of being unusually modernized and
reliable. It was marketed as a best engine automobile in a universe and this
cachet tangible a company’s self-image during an early stage. This image
has continued to establish a impression of a code and a products
adult to a benefaction day.

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