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, DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Nissan’s implausible 485bhp crossover set to means a prodigy in Dubai, by upstaging supercar investiture on a possess territory
  • Dubai selected for JUKE-R’s general entrance where…
  • … it will act as central gait automobile for a Dubai 24 Hours
  • … it stars in a possess film spectacular, holding on a world’s fastest supercars
  • … it will yield high-speed thrills for a world’s press

JUKE-R, Nissan’s crossbred Crossover, is creation a general entrance in a high-octane vicinity of Dubai.

The hand-built 485bhp supercar – a alloy of a Nissan Juke and mythological Nissan GT-R – has been selected to act as a central gait automobile for a 2012 using of a Dubai 24 Hour sports automobile competition on Jan 13/14, 2012.

And, while it is in Dubai, JUKE-R will take on – and aim to upstage – some of a world’s fastest highway cars. A singular film, shot on a purpose-built travel circuit within a millionaire’s stadium of a Dubai International Marine Club, will uncover JUKE-R pitched opposite a ‘best of a rest’ in a array of head-to-head trials opposite a clock.

Among a challengers to be faced by JUKE-R will be a grievous SLR-engined Mercedes SLK of UAE convene legend, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, a Lamborghini Murcielago and a Ferrari Enzo.

The film aims to constraint a sound and fad generated by a robust JUKE-R, that was combined by Nissan Technical Centre Europe and built by world-famous competition team, RML. By marrying a Juke’s particular physique with a using rigging of a implausible GT-R, Nissan has combined what it hopes will be a genuine world-beater.

Piloted by a puzzling Lucas Ordonez, leader of a initial Nissan GT Academy in 2008, a sinister-looking matt black Nissan JUKE-R will use a competence of a GT-R twin turbo energy and modernized four-wheel-drive framework to put a antithesis in a place. Like a cars it skeleton to beat, JUKE-R is wholly highway legal.

Built from blemish in only 22 weeks, JUKE-R has prisoner a imagination of motoring enthusiasts all over a world, with many job for Nissan to spin a automobile into a prolongation reality.

Nissan, however, is austere that only dual will be built: one with left-hand expostulate and a other with right-hand drive, yet a greeting to a automobile does advise there is ardour for a sporting Juke variant.

Despite a well-developed performance, JUKE-R has been designed to encapsulate ideally a high-octane, energetic pushing knowledge of a GT-R on that it’s based, as some of a world’s heading motoring writers will learn for themselves during January.

“JUKE-R is a conspicuous and versatile machine. Packed with Nissan creation and excitement, it is absolute adequate to uncover a world’s fastest cars a purify span of heels and discerning adequate to conduct a margin of purpose-designed racing cars around a track.

“But for all of a overwhelming performance, JUKE-R’s 485bhp can be put in a hands of drivers of any experience. We are assured it can live adult to a billing and, as those in Dubai will discover, it can and does,” pronounced Gareth Dunsmore, Juke Product Manager, Nissan in Europe.

Among a participants in a Dubai 24 Hours, a opening eventuality in a 2012 general engine racing calendar, will be 4 immature graduates from Nissan’s innovative GT Academy programme. Established by Nissan and PlayStation® 4 years ago, a GT Academy has offering a horde of mechanism gamers a possibility to pierce from lounge to competition track.

But a 2012 using of a Dubai classical round-the-clock competition is a initial time a automobile – a 410bhp race-prepared Nissan 370Z GT4 – has been raced by a group comprising wholly virtual-to-reality drivers.

Lead motorist is Spain’s Lucas Ordonez, leader of a initial GT Academy in 2008. Since apropos a veteran competition driver, Lucas finished second in a LMP category during a 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours, and won a 2011 Intercontinental Le Mans Cup.

He is assimilated by Jordan Tresson (France), leader of a 2010 GT Academy; Jann Mardenorough (Great Britain), leader of a 2011 GT Academy; and Bryan Heitkotter (USA), leader of a 2011 GT Academy USA.

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