Jürgen Partenheimer pays Audi a visit

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Launch of a muster “Jürgen Partenheimer. The Visit” represents a second partial of a “Audi hosts a Pinakothek der Moderne” cooperation. The team-work kicked off with a “Design Icons” muster in a Audi Forum Neckarsulm; now business and visitors to Ingolstadt can perspective an muster of works by Jürgen Partenheimer that was devised generally for a Audi museum mobile.

The internationally famous artist has filled a rotunda of a museum mobile with a scenic installation. He counters a designed honesty and clarity of a pattern with pointed interventions and comparison highlights. Curtains support and hinder a perspective to a outside; expanded wall drawings encase wall elements and pillars. A sculpture hangs from high above, merging during a executive turn with a collection of objects with a surreal quality. Abstract paintings and drawings cocktail adult during astonishing places. Within a automotive museum’s universe of products, that are designed for clarity and palliate of identification, a distinguished landscape is total that provides visitors with biased and reflexive spaces to experience.

“We perspective a muster by Jürgen Partenheimer as impulse for artistic dialog with other disciplines during a site. The artist’s work creates anxiety to a intentionally open impression of a Audi museum mobile’s architecture. It is a special place. It gives business and visitors to a Audi Forum Ingolstadt discernment into a genetics of Audi while also sketch courtesy to a plant, where a technical innovations of tomorrow are created,” pronounced Toni Melfi, Head of Communications during AUDI AG.

Along with sculptures, paintings, jars and drawings, a muster shows a room designation designed by Jürgen Partenheimer privately for a museum mobile. With this open arrangement, a artist references a pattern of a building. “Compared to exemplary museums, that tend to underline windowless, sealed spaces, a clarity here presents a special plea for a artistic work. Jürgen Partenheimer is an artist for radical solutions. This is because we asked him to rise a muster in a museum mobile,” explained Prof. Dr. Klaus Schrenk, General Director of a Bavarian State Painting Collections.

A local of Munich, Jürgen Partenheimer (born 1947) is one of a many distinguished German artists of his generation. His intensely wide-ranging works embody paintings and works on paper, sculptures, objects and literary texts. In Partenheimer’s artistic formulations, constructive elements of minimal art are total with musical intensity. With vicious awareness, a artist analyzes and maps out a territory of leisure for art and a practice, that contingency constantly be redefined.

Partnenheimer gained general approval in a 1980s by his impasse in a Biennial festivals in Paris, São Paulo and Venice. He has participated in countless exhibitions, including those during a Museum of Modern Art in New York and during a Fundació Juan Miró, Barcelona. In 2000, he was a initial German complicated artist to be respected with a retrospective in a National Gallery in Beijing and in a Nanking Museum. Important solo exhibitions of Partenheimer’s work have been hold during a Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin; a Städelschen Kunstinstitut Frankfurt; a Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; IVAM Valencia; S.M.A.K. Gent; Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo; Kunsthalle Karlsruhe; Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Gemeentemuseum Den Haag; and a Kunstmuseum Bonn.

In a entrance year, a reopened Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich will uncover another muster on Jürgen Partenheimer. (“Jürgen Partenheimer. The Archive”, from Jan 24 to Apr 21, 2014).

The muster “Jürgen Partenheimer. The Visit” is a prominence of a team-work between a Sammlung Moderne Kunst of a Bavarian State Painting Collections and Audi. It is partial of a “Audi hosts a Pinakothek der Moderne” cooperation, that was instituted by a 4 museums of a Pinakothek der Moderne and Audi as partial of a SCHAUSTELLE. The SCHAUSTELLE is a proxy space for activities in Munich that a museums, with support from Audi, are regulating while a Pinakothek der Moderne is sealed for renovations. As “satellites” of a SCHAUSTELLE, dual museums of a Pinakothek der Moderne are exhibiting art and pattern during a Audi sites in Germany.

Audi hosts a Pinakothek der Moderne
Exhibition: “Jürgen Partenheimer. The Visit”
Sammlung Moderne Kunst of a Bavarian State Painting Collections
Dates: Jun 27 to Sep 22, 2013
Location: museum mobile in a Audi Forum Ingolstadt
Opening hours: daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Admission: €2

More information can be found during http://www.pinakothek.de/en/visit and http://www.audi.de/pinakothek

Current photos of a opening of “Jürgen Partenheimer. The Visit” can be accessed after 10 p.m. in a “Culture” territory during www.audi-mediaservices.com.

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