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Munich. Eckart Witzigmann, who will applaud his
75th birthday this year, has named a jury for a ECKART 2016. Jury
members for a 2016 endowment include:

  • Alex Atala, ECKART 2013 winner, São Paulo
  • Fritz Eichbauer, entrepreneur, owners and owners of Tantris
    Restaurant, Munich
  • Dr. Friedrich Eichiner, member of a Board of Management of BMW
    AG, Finance, Munich
  • Otto Geisel, Witzigmann Academy, initiator of a award, Munich
  • Claus Meyer, ECKART 2015 winner, Copenhagen and New York City
  • Jon Rose, ECKART 2014 winner, Los Angeles
  • Tohru Nakamura, ECKART 2011 leader and Chef of a Year 2015, Munich


The jury will accommodate during several locations this year. For a ECKART for
“Creative Responsibility and Enjoyment”, included by a BMW Group with
10,000 euros, a Witzigmann Academy will rest on a bravery and
imagination of prior endowment winners Atala, Rose and Meyer. Their vote
will be related with a jury members’ assembly on 28 Jun 2016 in
Munich to confirm a winners of a “Art of Cookery”, “Innovation” and
“Culture of Living” awards.


New venue for awards rite and gala
year, for a initial time, a awards rite and successive gala
cooking will be hold during a new BMW Group Classic in Munich. “This is
where BMW started out,” says Gabriele Fink, conduct of a BMW Museum. “A
estimable environment for Eckart Witzigmann’s 75th birthday and a BMW
centenary – it promises to be a really special evening.” The awards
rite and celebration will take place on 18 Oct 2016.


ECKART, Witzigmann Academy and a BMW Group
International Eckart Witzigmann Award is one of a many prestigious
honours recognising superb achievements in a art of cooking and
excellent dining. “Chef of a century” Eckart Witzigmann has awarded the
ECKART for singular culinary achievements and special joining under
a extended spectrum of lifestyle given 2004. In partnership with the
BMW Group, a Witzigmann Academy presents awards annually in three
categories: “Art of Cookery”, “Innovation” and “Art of Living”. The
Academy presented a initial ECKART for “Creative Responsibility and
Enjoyment” in 2013, with a money endowment of 10,000 euros included by the
BMW Group.

Previous ECKART winners embody Daniel Boulud (New York City); HRH
Charles, Prince of Wales (Highgrove); Elena Arzak (San Sebastian);
Anne-Sophie Pic (Valence); Harald Wohlfahrt (Tonbach); Dieter Kosslick
(Berlin); Ferran Adrià (Barcelona); Marc Haeberlin (Illhaeusern); Joël
Robuchon (Paris); Joël Robuchon (Paris); Alex Atala (Sao Paulo); Jon
Rose (Los Angeles); Mick Hucknall (Manchester); and many more.

A conference on a specific gastronomic subject is also hold annually.

Sustainability has been an constituent partial of a BMW Group’s corporate
plan for many years, with tolerable growth firmly
determined as a corporate aim during Group level: from a development
of alternative, fuel-saving car concepts through
environmentally-compatible prolongation processes to eco-friendly
recycling methods. At a BMW Group, tolerable meditative and action
influences not usually a product, though a whole value chain. In all
areas of a company, a concentration is on suggestive and obliged use
of appetite and tender materials.



If we have any questions, greatfully contact:


BMW Group Corporate Communications

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Tel.: +49-89-382-39229

Email: julian.hetzenecker@bmw.de


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Media website: www.press.bmw.de 


Press hit
Witzigmann Academy
Otto Geisel

Lachner-Straße 18

80639 München

Phone: +49 89 139 260 26



Further information on a Eckart Witzigmann Award can be
found at:




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