Kia KV7 Concept Specifications & Features

Posted on 10. Jan, 2011 by in Kia Canada

Wheels Tires
Wheels: P255/45R20
Tires: 20-in.

Exterior Features

  • Wide stance, well-spoken extraneous skin and 20-inch wheels
  • A-pillar and windshield pattern that is some-more straight than normal minivans
  • Passenger-side gullwing doorway that creates a large point-of-entry to when non-stop in and with a pillar-less front newcomer door
  • A continual line of LED haze lights that camber a whole front finish of a vehicle
  • LED Directional spin indicators on a outward mirrors and a back of a car that beat in a instruction being signaled
  • Interpretation of Kia’s signature confidant tabbed grille with straight LED headlamps integrated within a design
  • A particular windshield and array of near-continuous windows starting during a A-pillar for limit prominence

Interior Features

  • Four custom-built swiveling seats, including a driver’s seat
  • Rear-corner mini-lounge with seating for 3
  • Integrated storage compartments
  • Modern tone palette featuring soothing beige and immature tones
  • Unique chair and aspect materials
  • Variety of radical textures, including reclaimed teak timber flooring and tolerable nap and felt materials
  • Front lurch moves some-more than 6 inches toward a motorist when pull symbol start is intent
  • Large multi-use arrangement that integrates infotainment, meridian and navigation systems in one simple-to-use interface tranquil by a trackball rodent mounted in a dash
  • Rear floating tabletop touch-screen mechanism display
  • Wi-Fi enabled cabin
  • Ability for mixed passengers to bond their intelligent phones simultaneously
  • Multiple flush-to-the-floor accent enlightenment points and standout immature LED lighting via a front dash, instrument row and back arrangement area

Driving Functions

  • New Theta II 2.0-liter GDI turbocharged engine
  • Up to 285 horsepower
  • Six-speed involuntary delivery
  • V6-type energy and opening while maximizing fuel efficiency

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