Kia Motors America and DC Entertainment Pull a Silks Off of Four New Justice League-Inspired Machines during SEMA

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Inspired by Legendary Comic Book Artist Jim Lee, Kia Joins Forces with West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street to Kick Off SEMA in Superhero Fashion

  • Kia and DC Entertainment rope together to support “We Can Be Heroes” DC Entertainment’s giving debate designed to lift recognition and supports to quarrel a craving predicament in a Horn of Africa
  • The 4 world-debuts during SEMA lift on a recognition of a Batman-inspired Optima denounced in New York’s Time Warner Center dual weeks ago
  • LAS VEGAS, Oct 30, 2012 – Kia Motors America (KMA) and DC Entertainment kicked off a 2012 SEMA Show currently in superhero impression with 5 radical machines desirous by a members of a Justice League: The Flash Forte Koup, Aquaman Rio 5-door, Cyborg Forte 5-door, Green Lantern Soul and a formerly denounced Batman Optima. Built by West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street, any of a vehicles underline tradition pattern by mythological comic book artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee and are dictated to lift recognition for DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving debate to assistance quarrel a craving predicament in a Horn of Africa. Each Justice League impression was reserved to a specific Kia automobile formed on celebrity and pivotal attributes to emanate these 5 iconic works of art on wheels.

    Kia Motors America and DC Entertainment arrange a Justice League vehicles for SEMA Show 2012.”Working together with DC Entertainment, West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street to emanate a swift of superhero-inspired machines has been an implausible partnership and a finish outcome is 5 one-of-a-kind Justice League cars that move any of these mythological comic book superheroes to life,” pronounced Michael Sprague, executive clamp president, selling communications, KMA. “We are unapproachable to be lifting recognition for a ‘We Can Be Heroes’ giving debate and demeanour brazen to phenomenon 3 some-more crime-fighting Kias during destiny automobile shows and comic conventions as a 10-month partnership with DC Entertainment continues.”

    “It was a disturb to see tradition cars formed on my Justice League pattern and sketches suggested during SEMA,” settled Jim Lee, co-publisher of DC Entertainment. “I have to tip my shawl to a teams during West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street on their innovative work formulating cars that paint iconic characters like Green Lantern, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash all to advantage a good cause, ‘We Can Be Heroes’, and I’d like to appreciate Kia Motors America for ancillary ‘We Can Be Heroes’.”

    The Flash-inspired Forte Koup

    Known for his speed, expostulate and joining to fighting crime, The Flash is interconnected with a neat Forte Koup, a automobile with proven on-track racing opening in a Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Built by West Coast Customs, a Koup electrifies a senses with a red, orange and yellow airbrushed extraneous paint that matches a Scarlet Speedster’s heading costume. A cutout in a hood incorporates The Flash trademark and allows viewers to see a rapid punch a Forte Koup packs. The modifications continue with 20-inch Asanti color-matched wheels with Continental Extreme Contact tires. A tradition coilover cessation lowers a Forte Koup for razor-sharp handling.

    On a inside, a Forte Koup’s seats are reupholstered in black nappa leather contrasted with red suede featuring yellow stitching with impression pattern festooned into a seats. The superstar was also reupholstered regulating black suede showcasing tradition stitching and custom-painted pieces via a interior. To keep a Koup’s occupants energized, West Coast Customs commissioned two, ten-inch underling woofers and dual sets of coaxial member speakers with a Quart four-channel amp, while a span of Rosen Entertainment seven-inch monitors plays a “We Can Be Heroes” debate video in a front headrests.

    Aquaman-inspired Rio 5-door

    Debuting during SEMA, Kia Rio 5-door provides a healthy automotive alter-ego for Aquaman, symbolizing his purpose as guardian of a environment, both land and sea.Given a Kia Rio’s repute as one of a many eco-friendly vehicles on a highway currently 85-percent of Rio’s materials are recyclable during a finish of a lifespan a subcompact supposing a healthy automotive alter-ego for Aquaman, symbolizing his purpose as guardian of a environment, both land and sea. The Aquaman-inspired Rio 5-door also perceived a West Coast Customs diagnosis with special gold, immature and orange extraneous paint and a physique pack featuring custom-fabricated fins. Visual elements also embody Oracle LED circle rings and physique lighting opposite a extraneous as good as 20-inch color-matched Asanti wheels wrapped in Continental rubber.

    Inside a Rio 5-door’s atmospheric cabin, a seats have been reupholstered with immature leather featuring yellow and bullion accents. The superstar has been customized regulating immature suede while a Aquaman trademark was stitched into a behind seats to finish a thematic mutation of a newcomer compartment. Pop a case on this Rio and notice a customized enclosing featuring Aquaman comic-book art and a singular polycast cutout that creates an underwater stage that is illuminated with Oracle LED lighting.

    This drastic Rio is serve extended by a 12-inch subwoofer and dual coaxial member speakers and amp while dual seven-inch Rosen Entertainment monitors play a “We Can Be Heroes” video to foster this estimable cause.

    Green Lantern-inspired Soul

    Based on a intergalactic peacekeeper, a Green Lantern-inspired Soul shines with a immature and black two-tone extraneous paint intrigue and is prepared for anything, only like a Green Lantern.Based on a intergalactic peacekeeper famous as Green Lantern, a Super Street magazine’s wide-body Soul shines with a immature and black two-tone extraneous paint intrigue finish with immature mirror-chrome stain on a windows. Super Street‘s build group lowered a Soul to urge a position and practical widened circle wells with one-off 18 x 10.5-inch deep-dish wheels. Traditionally a four-door vehicle, a Soul’s behind doors have been welded close to streamline a appearance. Blacked out headlights underline projector beams that heat green. Customized Green Lantern-logo haze lights in a widened front fascia, and immature LED lighting serve lift a altogether coming of a Soul this appurtenance is prepared for anything, only like Green Lantern.

    A tradition back load cell houses a Green Lantern energy battery with his signature lantern trademark etched into a transparent row displaying a superhero’s promise illuminated by LEDs. The back rug also binds a video guard to arrangement a “We Can Be Heroes” promotional video. Up front, a Soul’s steering circle and front seats were reupholstered with immature and black leather and includes a Green Lantern trademark stitched into a chair backs. Other interior touches embody several lurch pieces embellished in a immature and black scheme.

    Cyborg-inspired Forte 5-door

    Built by RIDES repository and formed on Cyborg, a half human/half appurtenance superhero for a complicated age, a jaunty and flexible Kia Forte 5-door embodies Cyborg’s communications prowess, energy and endurance. It facilities coilover cessation for some-more assertive maneuverability and widened tradition steel fenders that remember Cyborg’s ability to mechanically morph to face any challenge. This robotic highway appurtenance sits on 18-inch Rotiform TMB wheels with chrome mouth and red anodized bolts. Other extraneous elements embody a vented atmosphere dip on a hood and side ports with red LED lights. An Aztec china paint pursuit enhances a liquid lines and offset proportions of a Forte 5-door, while relating a discriminating steel of Cyborg’s armor.

    The automobile interior consists of red seperated leather and red suede identical to a red heat pulsing from Cyborg’s energy core. Red and china trim highlights a Cyborg button featured within a interior design. The inscription in a core console reinforces a fact that Cyborg is constantly plugged ina heart for communication and information. And a JL Audio sound complement is another technological encouragement that highlights a fun side of a Justice League’s youngest member.

    Batman Optima SX Limited

    Previously denounced during New York’s Time Warner Center, Kia, DC Entertainment and RIDES repository worked together to pattern and build a Batman-inspired Optima. RIDES remade a extraneous with a matte- and piano-black paint scheme, a dramatically lowered coilover cessation and robust belligerent effects kit, outrageous Ksport opening brakes for impassioned interlude power, custom-designed 20-inch black wheels with one-of-a-kind Batman-logo core caps and a opening empty system. Other extraneous modifications embody a tradition front grille made like a batwing that took over 40 hours to create, yellow LED lighting accents via a automobile and a iconic bat vigilance etched into a SXL’s HID headlights.

    Moving underneath a cape, a Optima’s seating surfaces are costumed in tradition black leather and suede with confidant yellow accent stitching. Gotham City’s streets are full of villains, and this Optima is prepared for movement during a moment’s notice with crime-fighting elements like application throwing stars commissioned in a core console.

    KMA and DCE Partnership

    The partnership between KMA and DC Entertainment was recognised to advantage “We Can Be Heroes” (, a giving campaign, dedicated to assisting quarrel craving in a Horn of Africa and desirous by a intrepidity of a iconic Justice League characters. “We Can Be Heroes” encourages bland people to join a quarrel by removing concerned and donating to move assistance and wish to a people many influenced by a craving crisis. Each automobile will underline a customized square of Jim Lee’s specially-designed pattern to be auctioned during a end of a module with all net deduction going to a “We Can Be Heroes” program. The Kia-DC Entertainment partnership includes 7 vehicles desirous by a particular super favourite characters and will cap with a fully-drivable, eighth tradition automobile that encompasses any member of a Justice League that will be auctioned off to lift income for a cause. Kia will assistance to lift recognition for a “We Can Be Heroes” giving debate via a partnership by customized “We Can Be Heroes” permit plates, signage, material materials and in-vehicle video displays.

    Stay tuned for some-more news on this partnership. Now that 5 vehicles have been seen, there are 3 some-more to be denounced during several automobile shows and Comic-Cons over a subsequent several months including Wonder Woman, Superman and a final automobile that will underline all 7 characters of a Justice League to be auctioned off to advantage a “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign.

    About DC Entertainment

    DC Entertainment, home to iconic brands DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash), Vertigo (Sandman, Fables) and MAD, is a artistic multiplication charged with strategically integrating a calm opposite Warner Bros. Entertainment and Time Warner. DC Entertainment works in unison with many pivotal Warner Bros. groups to unleash a stories and characters opposite all media, including though not singular to film, television, consumer products, home party and interactive games. Publishing thousands of comic books, striking novels and magazines any year, DC Entertainment is a largest English-language publisher of comics in a world. In Jan 2012, DC Entertainment, in partnership with Warner Bros. and Time Warner divisions, launched We Can Be Heroes a giving debate featuring a iconic Justice League super heroesto lift recognition and supports to quarrel a craving predicament in a Horn of Africa.

    About Kia Motors America

    Kia Motors America is a selling and placement arm of Kia Motors Corporation formed in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a finish line of vehicles by some-more than 755 dealers via a United States and serves as a “Official Automotive Partner” of a NBA and LPGA. In 2011, KMA accessible a best-ever annual sales sum and became one of a fastest flourishing automobile companies1 in a U.S. Kia is staid to continue a movement and will continue to build a code by pattern innovation, quality, value, modernized reserve facilities and new technologies.

    Information about Kia Motors America and a full automobile choice is accessible during a website For media information, including photography, revisit

    1 Based on 5-year accumulative expansion between 12-month sell sales for durations finale Sep 2007 and Sep 2012 of all U.S. automotive brands

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