Kia Motors America Debuts UVO E-Services during 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

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Second Generation Infotainment System Builds on Award-Winning Foundation with Addition of New Smartphone-Based Connectivity

  • Free smartphone app will yield new levels of connected automobile experiences, including telematics, parked automobile locator and modernized automobile attribute management

  • UVO eServices incorporates a apartment of new reserve and confidence facilities such as pile-up presentation assistance, roadside assistance, curfew extent and speed alert
  • LAS VEGAS, Jan 10, 2012 – Kia Motors America (KMA) currently denounced UVO eServices, a subsequent iteration of a company’s innovative voice-activated infotainment system, during a 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Showcased in Kia’s overwhelming Optima Hybrid midsize sedan, UVO eServices represents an expansion from a strange UVO system’s capabilities, adding a new telematics apartment (“eServices”) that is powered by a giveaway smartphone app that will yield drivers with an innovative in-vehicle connectivity knowledge including navigation, diagnostics capabilities and combined welfare features. Powered by Microsoft®1 , UVO is brief for “Your Voice,” and provides consumers easy-to-use voice and touch-activated practice to conduct song files and hands-free mobile phone operation. Also during CES, KMA debuted a In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) concept, that demonstrates Kia’s forward-thinking record and concepts in a area of connected car.

    “UVO was a breakthrough for Kia, and signaled a brand’s desirous skeleton to turn an in-vehicle record personality by enabling drivers and passengers to use all of their personal technologies some-more safely and easily, while formulating additional party experiences,” pronounced Henry Bzeih, who heads a connected automobile module for KMA. “With smartphone invasion impending 50-percent in a U.S., UVO eServices extends a award-winning system’s abilities distant over a strange offerings by utilizing one of a industry’s initial app-based approaches for telematics. The expansion concentration for UVO eServices was to broach a connectivity, services and notifications valued by automobile owners while also adding reserve features, evidence information and innovations such as a parked automobile locator to emanate user-friendly practice that surpass people’s expectations.”

    UVO continues to offer drivers hands-free mobile phone government capabilities and hands-free control of song from a accumulation of media sources, including CD, radio, USB, media player, and a Digital Jukebox. Users will now be means to control a on-board navigation complement by voice commands when a automobile is given with a UVO eServices/navigation package. Also new with UVO eServices is an extended telematics suite, that includes a series of maintenance, and infotainment functions, including Crash Notification Assist, Roadside Assist, Automatic Diagnostics, Manual Diagnostics, Scheduled Diagnostics, automobile maintenance, eServices Guide, Trip Info, safe- and eco-friendly pushing awards, Send2Car, Curfew Limit, Speed Alert, Geo Fencing, Car Care Web and Park Assist. These functions, with a difference of eServices Guide and Crash Notification Assist, are run by a owner’s smartphone versed with a giveaway UVO eServices app.

    Key Features of UVO eServices:

    • eServices Guide: accessed around a touch-screen or voice command, eServices Guide places a phone call to a voice response complement that explains UVO eServices to a motorist in an interactive manner.
    • Car Care Web: Through a UVO eServices owner’s portal, famous as “Car Care Web,” owners can check automobile diagnostics, automobile status, upkeep schedules, pushing behavior, My Car Zone alerts, and report appointments with their elite or circuitously play around their home mechanism or mobile device. Owners also can acquire awards for protected and eco-friendly pushing ocular on Car Care Web should they arrange high adequate among their associate UVO eServices owners.
    • Send2Car: Also accessible to UVO eServices owners is Send2Car, a underline that allows owners to send a end from Google Maps to their intelligent phone. After a phone receives a destination, it will send a end to a vehicle’s navigation complement a subsequent time a phone is interconnected around Bluetooth®2 wireless technology. In addition, all destinations sent from Google Maps will be copied to a owner’s Car Care Web. (Send2Car is usually accessible with UVO eServices vehicles versed with navigation).
    • Vehicle Diagnostics: If UVO’s eServices identifies a problem by approach of a Automatic Diagnostics function, it will promulgate a vehicle’s list of issues and a plcae to Kia’s 24/7 call core or will report an appointment online with a nearest Kia dealership on user request. With Manual Diagnostics, during a owner’s preference, UVO eServices can bond a user with Kia’s 24/7 call core or report an appointment online with a nearest Kia dealership, should an emanate be found. Additionally, a user can take advantage of Scheduled Diagnostics from their smartphone, environment a monthly evidence check of a vehicle. Upon completion, any issues found are automatically forwarded to Car Care Web.
    • Crash Notification Assist: In box of an airbag deployment, a Crash Notification Assist duty will warning puncture services. After a 10-second delay, during that time a motorist has a choice to cancel a call, UVO will dial 9-1-1, review a vehicle’s plcae out shrill to a puncture services user and concede a user to pronounce with a automobile occupants.
    • My Car Zone: UVO eServices also helps drivers stay adult to date on their vehicle’s locale while divided from a car. Curfew Limits in terms of time stamps or even GPS coordinates by ‘Geo Fencing’ (a fixed area plotted in a navigation system) can be set. If a automobile leaves that area or is used outward of fixed hours, a owners receives a minute warning on his or her smartphone a subsequent time a motorist pairs a phone with a automobile around Bluetooth® wireless technology. The Speed Watch duty also allows owners to set a fixed limit speed for a car, and accept an warning if exceeded, while a smartphone app adds a trip-information duty that gives a outline of sum and particular tour distances and times.
    • Park Assist: If a motorist happens to forget where they parked a car, a Park Assist duty helps find it by promulgation a plcae of a automobile when it is parked to a driver’s phone. If preferred, a owners also can take cinema of a surrounding area for reference, write a sign note, email his or her plcae and set an alarm if a automobile is parked during a meter. To beam a owners back, a UVO eServices smartphone app will arrangement a owners and a vehicle’s locations on a map. Optionally, a owners can demeanour by a phone’s integrated camera where an idol on a phone’s shade will indicate to a vehicle’s location.

    In-Vehicle Infotainment Concept
    Kia’s all-new IVI concept, dictated to broach navigation, media playback and networked mechanism functions all from a singular unit, is designed to be a heart of a vehicle’s information and party systems and represents a glance into a destiny of IVI systems.

    Featuring wireless connectivity with smartphones and tablets, an integrated app store, user-recognition complement and protracted existence navigation, as good as a multiple of touch- and speech-interface options tranquil predominantly by an 11.6-inch multi-touch screen, Kia’s IVI judgment allows users to send music, contacts and directions between smartphone or tablets and a vehicle. In addition, once a user’s smartphone or inscription is synced with a vehicle, many of a device’s facilities and apps turn accessible by a IVI system. The IVI judgment also facilities insubordinate wireless charging, enabling users to assign inclination but a need for compulsory connected chargers. The pivotal facilities of Kia’s IVI judgment embody navigation, media, intelligent device interlock, and an app store.

    Key Features of a IVI Concept:

    • Navigation: Working in and with extraneous automobile cameras, downloadable apps, and a in-car voice approval system, a IVI judgment facilities an protracted existence navigation system. This complement takes satellite navigation a step further, providing transparent and obvious turn-by-turn directions, including information such as POIs, as good as integrating a traffic-signal approval complement onto a practical map on a core screen.
    • Media: In serve to a online Pandora song service, a IVI complement is able of personification a crowd of song and film formats, all of that can be tranquil by a voice approval system.
    • Smart Device Interlock: The Smart Device Interlock effectively tethers a user’s smartphone to a IVI complement around a specifically grown app. Once a device and IVI are linked, a user can download information about their car, including where it is parked, send and accept track instructions and crop media in a car.
    • App Store: Accessing a app store around a idol on a categorical menu of a IVI concept, users can download a accumulation of apps to fit their needs, such as continue updates, news, navigation or games.

    Kia’s Unprecedented Growth
    Kia Motors is a one of a world’s fastest relocating tellurian automotive brands; from 2009-2011 Kia launched some-more new vehicles in a U.S. than any other automaker, and underneath a superintendence of arch pattern officer Peter Schreyer warranted a repute as an attention personality in automotive styling. Kia Motors America’s full line of fuel-efficient and fun-to-drive cars and CUVs has warranted vicious commend and dramatically increasing consumer awareness, notice and care for a brand. In 2011, KMA accessible a 17th uninterrupted year of marketplace share growth, interjection in partial to a largest boost of any vital code in viewed quality3 and a industry’s top code faithfulness ranking4. Kia’s U.S.-based production trickery in West Point, Georgia KMMG is obliged for a origination of some-more than 10,000 plant and retailer jobs and builds a company’s dual best-selling vehicles in a U.S. a Sorento CUV and Optima midsize sedan5. Kia’s value and technology-laden 2012 indication year lineup also includes a Sportage compress CUV, Soul civic newcomer vehicle, Optima Hybrid, Forte compress sedan, Forte 5-door compress hatchback, Forte Koup two-door coupe, all-new Rio and Rio 5-door sub-compacts and Sedona minivan.

    About Kia Motors America
    Kia Motors America is a selling and placement arm of Kia Motors Corporation formed in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a finish line of vehicles by some-more than 755 dealers via a United States and serves as a “Official Automotive Partner of a NBA.” In 2011, KMA accessible a best-ever annual sales sum and became one of a fastest flourishing automobile companies in a U.S. Kia is staid to continue a movement and will continue to build a code by pattern innovation, quality, value, modernized reserve facilities and new technologies.

    Information about Kia Motors America and a full automobile choice is accessible during a website For media information, including photography, revisit

    1 Microsoft is a purebred heading of Microsoft Corporation in a United States and/or other countries.
    2 The Bluetooth® word symbol and logos are purebred trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such outlines by Kia is underneath license. Other trademarks and tradenames are those of their particular owners. A concordant Bluetooth® wireless technology-enabled dungeon phone is compulsory to use Bluetooth® wireless technology. The Bluetooth® word symbol and logos are purebred trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
    3 Source: Automotive Lease Guide Spring 2011 Perceived Quality Study
    4 Source: Experian Automotive Q2 2011 marketplace analysis
    5 Optima Hybrid is not built during KMMG

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