Kia Motors Unveils Next Generation Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

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Revolutionary Borrego FCEV Debuts at
Los Angeles International Auto Show

  • World premiere for new Borrego FCEV
  • New technologies boost opening of fuel dungeon electric vehicle
  • LOS ANGELES, Calif., Nov 20, 2008 Kia Motors Corporations (KMC) Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) module takes a vital technological step brazen currently with a tellurian phenomenon of a all-new Kia Borrego FCEV during a Los Angeles International Auto Show.

    Numerous innovations including a aloft outlay 154 horsepower fuel dungeon and a new 450-volts Supercapacitor give a Borrego FCEV aloft performance, a severely extended pushing operation and cold-weather starting capability to work in sub-zero temperatures.

    Available with dual and 3 tank systems with 70MPa pressure, a Borrego FCEVs energy plant is located underneath a core building and boasts an additional 47 horsepower of energy to furnish a rise outlay of 154 horsepower (a 44-percent boost compared to a prior generation) and propel a car to a tip speed of 100 miles per hour (mph) while braggadocio a best-in-class complement potency of 62 percent. With a 202-liter hydrogen storage tank located underneath a car and forward of a back wheels, this latest Kia Motors investigate car has a operation of about 426 miles.

    Entering this new proviso of a module is unequivocally exciting, pronounced Dr. Hyun Soon Lee, boss of investigate and growth for a Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group. Now we will be means to build fuel dungeon electric vehicles in aloft volumes and reduce cost for swift contrast and a latest Borrego FCEV drives us closer to creation fuel dungeon vehicles accessible for consumers.

    Demonstrating a ability to control engineering of both gasoline/diesel prolongation models and fuel dungeon investigate vehicles simultaneously, Kia Motors will be means to significantly urge a potency and peculiarity control of destiny fuel dungeon car prolongation processes.

    With a use of lightweight aluminum physique bombard components, a Borrego FCEV has a power-to-weight ratio that is identical to a new prolongation indication SUV. The FCEV also retains a ample cabin, low sound levels and altogether pushing excellence of a new gasoline/diesel-powered sibling.

    Technical Specifications

    Type: Fuel Cell + Supercapacitor
    Fuel Cell Output: 154 horsepower (115kW)
    Additional Power Output: 134 horsepower Supercapacitor (100kW)
    Traction Motor Output: 147 horsepower (110kW)
    Dimensions: 192.1 x 75.4 x 71.3 inches
    Curb Weight: 4,960 pounds (2,250kg)

    Max. Speed: 100 mph
    Zero to 60 mph Acceleration: 12.8 seconds
    Max. Distance: 426 miles with 3 tanks
    Fuel economy: 54 mpg (EPA total F/E)

    About Kia Motors America

    Kia Motors America (KMA) is a sales, selling and placement arm of Kia Motors Corporation formed in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a finish line of vehicles by some-more than 640 dealers via a United States. For 2007, KMA accessible a 14th uninterrupted year of record U.S. sales. Kia Motors subscribes to a truth of building high value, high quality, protected and energetic vehicles. Kia Motors prides itself on producing vehicles that are sparkling and enabling and elicit a Kia tagline “The Power to Surprise.”

    Kia Motors America is a “Official Automotive Partner of a NBA.” Information about Kia Motors America and a full car choice is accessible during a Web site For media information, including photography, revisit

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