Lean Award for Audi’s Neckarsulm plant

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Helmut Stettner, Plant Director during Audi’s site in Neckarsulm: “We are gay to win a Lean Award, that is approval of a fast and gaunt processes. We are ceaselessly optimizing our operations on a approach to a intelligent bureau of a destiny – a intelligent factory. Together with our employees, we work out solutions that urge a peculiarity and capability on a sustained basis, and that assistance us to accommodate a hurdles of a future.”

Audi Neckarsulm is a many formidable plant in a Volkswagen Group, and processes some-more than 56,000 components from approximately 1,200 suppliers all over a world. The experts in Neckarsulm can master this farrago usually by means of secure and fit routines. The plant therefore manufactures in suitability with a Audi Production System along a whole process chain. This is now being grown into a holistic corporate system. “With it, we appreciate and define “lean” anew,” says Dieter Braun, Head of Production Control and Plant Logistics during Audi Neckarsulm. “By ideally mixing a gaunt beliefs of a Audi Production System with the opportunities of digitization, we are relocating to a subsequent turn of productivity. Big information and the advantages of information connectivity are pivotal factors here.”

The jury quite praised a serve grown string-of-pearls principle. Dr. Werner Geiger, Chief Executive of Agamus Consult: “Of a many solutions for some-more potency during a Audi plant in Neckarsulm, a string-of-pearls methodology is a highlight. 

With a serve grown fibre of pearls, a plant manages to improved control a time spreads in public caused by a high farrago of derivatives and apparatus combinations. Satisfied employees and aloft peculiarity and capability are a quantifiable result.” 

From 1.93 billion possibilities, an algorithm calculates a best method for any public line. In this way, a contracting and accurate car-order method is dynamic 6 days in allege – the string-of-pearls principle. The algorithm uses a information on systematic cars with consideration of a ensuing work for a employees during all workplaces, so that they are optimally deployed.

Automobil Produktion and Agamus Consult are now for a eleventh time presenting their awards to quite fit plants and companies in Europe that are rival in terms of lean prolongation and government systems. “Learning from a best” is a award’s motto.

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