Leon boosts SEAT sales by 10% in 2014

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SEAT finished 2014 with a new boost in sales. The automotive code delivered 390,500 vehicles, 10% some-more than in 2013 (355,000), achieving a best outcome given 2007. SEAT accumulates 21.7% expansion in a final dual years, roughly 70,000 vehicles some-more than in 2012 (321,000).

SEAT sales have been increased by a Leon family. In 2014 it saw a 50% increase, reaching a figure of 154,100 units, 51,300 some-more than a prior year. Since a launch of a new era in 2012 – a initial with 3 opposite bodyworks – a Leon has some-more than doubled a sales, and has posted a 116% boost (2012: 71,200 vehicles). It has also achieved a best sales formula given a launch in 1999, and for a initial time has transposed a Ibiza as SEAT’s best-selling car.

The ST estate chronicle of a Leon, launched during a finish of 2013, has reached a volume of 47,100 units – 30.5% of altogether sum for a model. The brand’s MPV, a SEAT Alhambra, has also achieved double-digit expansion in 2014, surpassing 23,000 units (23,100; +15.6%).

SEAT Executive Committee Chairman Jürgen Stackmann, done a acceptable comment of these results. “For a second year using SEAT sales have seen double-digit growth. The Leon family has been a branch indicate in a history. It has turn a second post of a code and has non-stop a doorway to new customers”. Stackmann pronounced of 2015: “Our idea is to connect growth. The operation is going to grow and be renewed this year, starting with a models we already have, and we are removing prepared for a evident destiny – a attainment of a compress SUV in 2016”.

 More than 300,000 vehicles in Western Europe

For a initial time given 2008 SEAT sales in Western Europe have exceeded 300,000 units (304,000), 11.3% some-more than in 2013 (273,200), expansion sum that are clearly above marketplace average, and that have supposing a larger marketplace share. In Germany sales have left adult by 10.4% to 84,600 units. Over a past 4 years, SEAT has roughly doubled a formula in this marketplace (2010: 43,000). Spain is a nation contributing many net units (8.500) to SEAT’s expansion for 2014, totalling deliveries of 67,500 vehicles (+14.5%). The United Kingdom completes a tip 3 of SEAT’s categorical markets with a new sales record, a fourth in a row. For a initial time SEAT exceeded 50,000 units delivered (53,400; +16.8%), and given 2009 has seen amassed expansion of roughly 80%.

The Spanish code also won behind positions in Italy and Portugal. SEAT has grown by 28.1% in Italy to 13,000 units, and 79.9% in Portugal, with a sum figure of 6,900 vehicles.

Strong expansion in Eastern Europe

Growth in Poland (+192.7%) and a Czech Republic (+61.3%) have sent sales mountainous in Eastern Europe by 44.2% to 24,700 vehicles (2013: 17.100), 7,600 more. This is a best outcome given 2008. In a Czech Republic SEAT has achieved a best-ever figure, as good as being a region’s categorical marketplace (6,800 units), followed by Poland (6,300), Slovakia (2,500) and Hungary (2,500).

Turkey and Israel, never-before-seen results

In 2014 SEAT kick a sales annals in Turkey and Israel. In Turkey, a ninth nation contributing larger sales volume, a code delivered 12,000 vehicles, an 8.9% increase. Israel grew by 2.9% to 6,100 units. Mexico (21,300 vehicles) and Algeria (16,300) say their positions as SEAT’s fifth and sixth universe markets respectively.

Vice-President for Sales and Marketing Dr. Andreas Offermann highlighted a fact that “today SEAT’s sales are some-more diversified. We are display plain expansion not usually in a categorical European markets like Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy, though also in Eastern Europe and other countries like Turkey and Israel. The Leon has done us stronger. And a new developments over a subsequent few months will minister to converging of this growth”.

Deliveries to business in 2014

(by model, in units and annual % growth)

SEAT Mii (25,300; -12.3%)

SEAT Ibiza (150,000; -2.7%)

SEAT Toledo (18,600; -2.3%)

SEAT Leon (154,100; +49.9%)

SEAT Altea (19,300; -18.8%)

SEAT Alhambra (23,100; +15.6%)

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