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Many dream of a career as a veteran tennis player. Yet a trail to a vital stadiums is distant from easy. Lena Rüffer (20) from a Porsche Talent Team has embarked on this tour – with a transparent suspicion in mind and high hopes in her heart.

A tiny tennis turn magnet with a Wimbledon trademark – for many a good commemoration of a Grand Slam contest – is a appreciated belonging with unequivocally special stress for Lena Rüffer. A outing yet a good-luck charm? Unthinkable. She has carried a whitchcraft with her ever given receiving it as a benefaction from her parents, nestled in a tiny red tote so that her Wimbledon dream is always tighten during hand. “I demeanour during it and consider to myself: this is my goal. we wish to play there,” she explains with a grin.

The 20-year aged is vital a dream of apropos a veteran tennis player. The up-and-coming Porsche Talent Team actor is posterior her trail with determination, purpose and discipline. Advancing to a quarter-final of a ITF contest in Hechingen, a semi-final of a ITF contest in Essen and a second turn of gift in a Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in 2018 saw her stand to array 324 in a WTA ranking (February 2019). The Berlin-born actor trains daily in a German Tennis Federation’s Stuttgart-Stammheim training centre, travels from contest to contest and sacrifices many things that are common for many people her age. While her peers conduct out during night, she needs to recuperate. This lifestyle takes guts, yet some-more than anything else outrageous unrestrained for a sport. Lena has both. And she doesn’t skip anything: “Tennis is my life and that’s excellent by me.”

Lena Rüffer: “There contingency be an ceiling trajectory”

Lena’s dream of a veteran career started as a child in her kids’ tennis bar – and has not wavered to this day. “Tennis is my passion. It finished finish clarity to me to wish to give it a go,” she says determinedly. Reconciling school, training and tournaments, however, was not always easy. Lena looks back: “Tennis and propagandize – that’s all there was.” To safeguard a best probable educational and jaunty development, after Year 10 she switched to a Poelchau School, an chosen sports propagandize in Berlin. Since her delegate propagandize withdrawal hearing in 2017, a customarily thing that has mattered for her is sport: “Now we can concentration wholly on one thing.”

Lena believes in herself. She has never had a impulse of doubt. She always has her possess goals in steer – and doesn’t concede herself to be distracted. There is no sold actor she looks adult to, on a discordant it’s a tournaments in a vital stadiums that time and again give her a large motivational boost. In a few years she “would unequivocally unequivocally like to be personification in all a Grand Slams.” Her aim for 2019 is to urge her WTA ranking and validate for a Grand Slam tournament.

The US Open is one such tournament. Another of Lena’s appreciated effects is a palm towel from a tournament, a commemoration from her crony Anna Zaja: “She brought it behind for me from her initial US Open in 2017. The fact that she has come so distant is unequivocally motivating to me.” Whenever a dual players are during a same tournament, they spend any gangling impulse among friends throwing up, including off a court. Competitors during a day and friends during night? Not a problem for Lena: “Tennis is an particular sport. On a justice everybody wants to win – yet that doesn’t sequence out friendships.”

There is no necessity of fun possibly within a organisation during a daily training sessions during a German Tennis Federation’s training centre. Breaks are spent talking, eating, shouting and – unequivocally importantly – personification distant too many Yahtzee. This creates a downtime until a subsequent compare fly by.

Five-of-a-kind: a ladies let a bones do a articulate during breaks

Lena’s daily slight is ruled by training and tournaments: her alarm time goes off during 7 am. After breakfast she goes true to a training centre in Stuttgart-Stammheim, where aptness and tennis training starts during 9 am. This is followed by a community lunch during 1 pm and giveaway time until 2.30 pm. In a afternoon it’s behind to tennis and a second turn of aptness training. When that’s done, Lena goes for physiotherapy. “By a time I’m finished with that it’s customarily already 7 or 8 pm and we tumble into bed,” she says with a smile.

That doesn’t leave many giveaway time for family and friends. “Time is limited, yet that’s OK,” she says. To “just breeze down”, Lena plays piano in her giveaway time, reads and meets adult with friends. In her family, beloved and tutor team, a up-and-coming actor has people around her who inspire her and uncover an bargain of her passion. Tennis arouses clever emotions in Lena. “It is critical that those around me know this emotionality,” she says.

The 20-year aged knows accurately what she wants. She hasn’t set any time boundary for her goals, yet “there contingency be a transparent ceiling trajectory”. Lena comes opposite as unequivocally self-reflective. If something isn’t going as she imagined, she works on it consistently. “You can see swell by a ranking. If I’m not improving, I’m not progressing,” she says self-assuredly.

Travelling is partial of bland life for an up-and-coming talent: Lena spends dual to 3 weeks a month divided from home. She finances these trips with appropriation supposing by a Porsche Talent Team as good as herself by contest gain and a inhabitant league. But what do we take with we when travelling from contest to tournament? Lena opens her container for us and reveals what she can’t transport without.

Living in a suitcase: Lena Rüffer travels a lot. Her suspicion is a tip of a tennis world

It doesn’t take prolonged for her to collect her array one – she goes true to photos of her desired ones. No matter what hotel room she now finds herself in, photos of her beloved and family make her feel like she’s during home. She also always has dual books with her: “one for my mind and one for entertainment.” Another must: stencils, strings and fibre dye. In sequence for a sponsor’s trademark to be clearly manifest on a racket, a players have to keep redoing it themselves during tournaments. Also ever benefaction in her container are her laptop and speakers. Exciting array and good song are a best approach for a up-and-coming actor to scrupulously relax after tennis. With an superb handbag, she is also ideally versed for going out in her giveaway time. Another must-have in Lena’s luggage: good humour. Because a customarily approach to make a jump to a veteran career so many dream of is by unequivocally enjoying your sport.

Sami Khedira knows that not all immature people are as advantageous as we was. That’s because he’s so concerned in a up-and-coming players today. He himself spent his girl during a VfB Stuttgart football club. Here, a 2014 universe champion remembers his initial stairs on a football pitch. Because even a Juventus Turin midfielder started off small. Very small, in fact…

Mr Khedira, do we still remember your initial span of football boots?

I consider they were Adidas. Of march as a 5 year aged we have no suspicion about brands. I’m certain about one thing: they were a shreds from a neighbour. And that was OK. The categorical thing was carrying boots; afterwards all we indispensable was a turn and we could start playing.

Why didn’t we go true to VfB from Oeffingen?

Back afterwards we used to sight during SV Fellbach. But even there we was too shy. So we went to a bar TV Oeffingen. That’s where my friends were personification and a bar was right on a doorstep, so it was unequivocally easy logistically.

And afterwards we came to a courtesy of VfB during a contest in Wernau?

Yes, a tutor for a E age organisation asked my father possibly we would like to attend a hearing training session. My father asked me. At seven, 8 years of age, we already knew that VfB was something special. we took him adult on a invitation.

Ex-national actor Serdar Tasci, 3 weeks younger than you, was in a D age organisation when he came to VfB – and was thrown off change when his friends were forsaken during a finish of a season. What did we consider of this?

I’d already had that occur in a E age group. You have to consider of it this way: we had switched from Oeffingen to VfB, and therefore had been uprooted from my surroundings. So we sought out new friends on a new team. And during a finish of a season, unexpected dual new friends were gone. For one, a stretch to Stuttgart was usually too distant to keep doing. And a other one was dropped. When that happened we told my father: “If they’re not personification any more, afterwards I’m not going either.”

What did we father do?

He talked me out of it.

It worked …

Yeah, along a approach we schooled about a opening element and came to accept it. we wanted to hang with it, that might even have finished me sight some-more sometimes. So we don’t remember ever feeling pressure. We usually wanted to play football.

Porsche Night of Talents 2018: Sami Khedira with participants during a Porsche bureau tour

And life in a Khedira domicile was done by a diversion …

Very many so, to a discomfit of my mother. She’s never unequivocally been a fan of football. My father, on a other hand, was even a organisation organiser during VfB from a D age organisation on. He fell into a job. He started out by slicing fruit for us, and handing out drinks to a organisation during half-time. Then he started doing some-more and more, all voluntarily. When we left a girl team, a bar unequivocally wanted by father to lift on. But he refused. He elite to watch my younger hermit Rani’s and my games.

Bayern star actor Javi Martinez recently pronounced that in a destiny he’d like to turn a girl tutor for 15 and 16 year olds. In other difference for a age organisation when a preference is finished about possibly a actor gives adult or carries on. Did we ever have doubts?

No, never. On a contrary. At 15, 16, we gradually became wakeful of what we was doing. My tutor in a B age organisation had already told me that we could make it as a veteran if we worked hard. And a good thing about VfB is that we can see a track from a training pitch. we pronounced to myself: we wish to run out there some day. So we lerned even more.

What do associate pupils and teachers make of we when you’re a girl actor for VfB?

After Year 8 we switched to a propagandize that had a partnership with VfB. The aim was to have even some-more time for training. On tip of that came courses and a sessions with a National Youth Team. we was absent a lot. In my final year of school, we had an deficiency rate of 50%. So of march a other pupils were jealous. What they forgot was that we still had to learn a material, in some cases with a assistance of private tutors. That wasn’t always easy.

Moving on to a fruits of your labour. Do we still remember your initial veteran training session?

I was still personification for a A age group, so a invitation was a surprise. After a veteran players returned from a winter training camp, we luckily customarily had one night to consider about it: training underneath Giovanni Trapattoni! It wasn’t a good night. But things went improved during training.

And now we can demeanour behind on a prolonged career spent in large clubs alongside stars like Ronaldo, Alonso, Buffon and Pogba. How do we hoop that?

After we sealed during Real, we realised that it was time for me to unequivocally infer myself, something not everybody suspicion we could do. On a approach to a initial training session, we unexpected found myself sitting with Kaka, Ramos and Ronaldo on a bus. That was funny. But they were a unequivocally players who come adult to me and said: “Welcome, if we need anything let me know.” In my knowledge from both Madrid and Turin, a aloft we stand in this game, a some-more loose a players.

Nevertheless, how many self-centredness do we need to come out on tip in a veteran arena. How many is allowed?

What we have are eleven people on a pitch, who know that they need to work as a team. For me that means that any one can indulge their self-centredness as prolonged as it advantages a team. No one is authorised to harm a team.

Your courage has always seemed unshakeable. Is that something we usually have to have to make it from a tiny child with used boots to universe champion?

I’ve lerned myself to be self-confident. You have to be means to manipulate yourself. It’s always a excellent line from there to arrogance. For me, though, courage doesn’t meant desiring that we can do everything. On a contrary, it means being wakeful of your strengths and revelation your weaknesses, meaningful accurately what we need to work on in sequence to improve. And meaningful what we would be improved avoiding. For example, not everybody can leap like Ronaldo or Messi.

Turbo for Talent: Sami Khedira and Member of a Porsche Executive Board Lutz Meschke (left)

When you’re travelling these days for your substructure or as an ambassador for “Turbo for Talent” and accommodate sports-mad kids, do we see yourself in them?

I’ve been unequivocally fortunate, that is because we wish to give behind something to immature people by my substructure and my impasse with Porsche. You can’t assistance yet notice that times are changing. And that’s a good thing. What hasn’t altered is that there are quieter kids and cheekier ones. And that’s totally excellent too. The crux of a matter is that competition teaches values: respect, politeness, discipline. They contingency be present. That goes for all sports, not usually football. Without these values, it won’t work.

Sami Khedira (32), son of a German mom and a Tunisian father, spent his girl and a initial years of his veteran career during VfB Stuttgart. He is one of a many successful German footballers of his generation.

With VfB, Real Madrid and Juventus Turin, he has distinguished 5 inhabitant championships and 5 inhabitant crater wins so far. In 2014, he won a World Cup with Germany and a Champions League with Madrid.

He is a owner of a Sami Khedira Foundation for Disadvantaged Children and Young People and acts as an envoy for a Porsche girl growth programme “Turbo for Talent”.

In 2016, he perceived a Order of Merit of Baden-Württemberg. One of his inhabitant organisation jerseys is on arrangement in a “Museum of National Cultures” in Berlin.

Text: Carolin Schmitt, Reiner Schloz

Photos: Jean Catuffe/Getty Images, Alexander Scheuber/Getty Images, Stefan Hohloch, Federico Ciamei, Victor Jon Goico

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