Life is a competition on an civic personification field.

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When a windshield is always filled with traffic, signs and asphalt, it can be a plea to find impulse in a large city. But when you’re behind a circle of a 2016 Ford Edge or new 2017 Escape, we find what we find around any corner.

Adeyemi Adegbesan is a Toronto-based artist who shoots underneath a lens-name, Soteeoh.

With a singular hoop that commemorates his hometown, it should be no warn that Soteeoh is desirous by civic environments. Earlier this year, he grabbed his gear, some friends and spent a few days personification civic explorer.

Edge and Escape done all easy. With pristine oddity as their navigator, removing around midtown, downtown and a suburbs was effortless.

Not wanting to pull too many attention, a “stop and go” plan was a sequence of a day. Both a Edge and Escape were ideally dialed-in for a game, relocating strenuously and well from place to place.

Cities have a vibe. Over 600 block kilometres of backdrop done selecting a right mark an intriguing challenge. Soteeoh’s proceed to any shot was to solidify a architecture, texture, colour and appetite of any moment. In essense, to emanate a time capsule. With neat lines and eloquent stances, a Edge and Escape stood out, nonetheless blended in perfectly.

For Soteeoh, a many under-appreciated Toronto mark is Bluffer’s Park, in Toronto’s easterly end. With ancient escarpments that arise roughly 100 metres above Lake Ontario, it’s a distinguished contrariety to a rest of a city that lives, works and plays right adult to a water’s edge.

Hey, Toronto, can we commend a sights? Click here to see some-more of Soteeoh’s pics.


Yoga before dawn, a ideal #pregame. #LifeIsASport #FordEdge

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Make a city your #homefield. #LifeIsASport #FordEscape

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Make roadtrips your divided games. #LifeIsASport #FordEscape

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